Children of the Recession

How the 2008 recession shaped the politics of the 2010s. Written by: Kim Mannion The Iraq War, MP’s expenses scandal and a global financial crash…you would have been forgiven in 2010 for believing that, surely, the new decade in politics would be less eventful. As it turned out, you couldn’t have been more wrong. ThisContinue reading “Children of the Recession”

What will the 2020 U.S.A. election look like?

A breakdown of the election in Coronavirus and predictions from GUU’s resident American. Written by: Jordan R. Hunter With Scotland having an election every year for four of the last five years, and the Holyrood election set for a distant 2021, many folks will crave more election drama this year, especially since we’ve all finishedContinue reading “What will the 2020 U.S.A. election look like?”

How political views influence approaches to COVID-19.

Written by: Kimberley Mannion Most of us, no matter our political views, are in the same place right now – lockdown. Similar strategies to tackle COVID-19 have been implemented across the world by leaders of varying political leanings, but nuances in their approach, however small, make for interesting reflection, particularly when matched up with saidContinue reading “How political views influence approaches to COVID-19.”

A chat with John Nicolson, one of the nominees for the next UofG Rector position

Vote for me because I know and love Glasgow University, because I was here I care about it, I care about its history, I care about its reputation, I care about its future. I will work for the students and I will represent them without fear or favour. John Nicolson is standing to be theContinue reading “A chat with John Nicolson, one of the nominees for the next UofG Rector position”

A Look at the Political Groups on Campus

Student years have long been associated with, amongst a suitable quantity of debauchery, being socially and politically active. Almost every revolution has a paragraph somewhere about a group of drunken students hatching plans for a better tomorrow. However, the one thing that all these groups have in common is just that, they are groups. So,Continue reading “A Look at the Political Groups on Campus”

Pride and Prejudice: Attitudes to the LGBTQ+ Community across the Globe

The turn of the millennium brought us many things. Big Brother hit the screens and the UK IQ average dropped by two points (not necessarily a causation effect…); Clippit became the default Office assistant on Windows 2000, the latest in processing software, successfully annoying us enough to become one of the first mainstream internet memes;Continue reading “Pride and Prejudice: Attitudes to the LGBTQ+ Community across the Globe”

Will Theresa May Survive the Winter?

Things aren’t looking too good for May after the publication of her 585-page draft Brexit Agreement on the 14 of November. May’s agreement, comprised of solutions for the Northern Ireland backstop and also details on state aid, the financial settlement and citizens’ rights after Brexit, has been met head on with cabinet resignations. This includesContinue reading “Will Theresa May Survive the Winter?”

Review: The 2018 Political Preview – E.U.

Prior to sitting as convener and editor-in-chief I was the politics and current affairs editor for G-YOU, which seemed reasonable given my limited understanding of politics but conviction to argue over anything. So ignorance aside I did my reading, I kept reasonably informed, and at the beginning of this year I made some claims asContinue reading “Review: The 2018 Political Preview – E.U.”