Paul Sweeney and Emily Thornberry: Freshers’ Show Debate Interview

  On the fifteenth of September, European champions, GUU Debating had their inaugural show debate of the years, This House Would End the Special Relationship. G-YOU managed to get an exclusive interview with two of the many notable speakers here that day. Mrs Emily Thornberry, and Mr Paul Sweeny. Although what follows is an interview thatContinue reading “Paul Sweeney and Emily Thornberry: Freshers’ Show Debate Interview”

NEIKED: Freshers’ Week Interview

Last night, GUU was very lucky to host Swedish artists Neiked who played in the Debates Chamber as part of Freshers Week. G-You interviewed Ida Staxenius, Benjamin Johansson, and Mikael Rabus, who came to play at the gig. Where does the band name come from? That’s actually an excellent story. We’re a collective group ofContinue reading “NEIKED: Freshers’ Week Interview”