OPINION: Free Speech on Campus

Debates about free speech on campus are overdone, but at the extreme ends people often forget that the principle of free speech does not exist in a vacuum. If you take a gander at certain publications in this country it’s actually hard to miss. Whether it’s a column that moans about how trigger warnings areContinue reading “OPINION: Free Speech on Campus”

Weekend Escapes: Valentine’s Day Edition

It’s that time of year again when we’re bombarded with cards, flowers, teddies and chocolates in celebration of all things lovey-dovey. For those of you who gag at the thought of Valentine’s Day feel free to stop reading now, but if you’re feeling all loved up and want to escape the West End with yourContinue reading “Weekend Escapes: Valentine’s Day Edition”

Come ValenDINE With Me

We can’t all be in the exclusive few who bagged a table at a Greggs for its debut Valentine’s day dining experience, and consequently won at Valentine’s for all time- but there are plenty of other options. If, like us, you’ve blown all your SAAS within a week. G-You has lined up a comprehensive listContinue reading “Come ValenDINE With Me”

Why the Six Nations needs to expand

Since Italy joined the 6 nations back in 2000, it has no doubt done strides for expanding the game into a new market outside of the traditional centres of rugby power in the Northern hemisphere. However, the problem remains that despite the competition being highly competitive with two thirds of the teams winning the GrandContinue reading “Why the Six Nations needs to expand”