Review: Fast and Furious 7

Matei Botez ‘Furious 7’ is the movie that diehard fans and casual filmgoers alike have been waiting for a long time: thrilling, surprisingly emotional and overall hugely entertaining. The seventh chapter of ‘The Fast and The Furious’ franchise boasts more dramatic depth and rises above its mostly action-driven predecessors, delivering one of the most compellingContinue reading “Review: Fast and Furious 7”

Opinion: I’m fed up with this Election

Hannah Burgess As we approach May, exams loom for students, as they do every year, however on the 7th May 2015 we all face a much bigger question than the ones in front of us in the examination halls. Who will form the next government of the United Kingdom? I don’t know about you butContinue reading “Opinion: I’m fed up with this Election”

The Reinvention of Hillary Clinton

Kathryn Stevenson Hillary Clinton has announced her bid for the Presidency in 2016. Although the announcement comes as no surprise, Clinton’s candidacy brings with it the echoes of her failed 2008 presidential candidacy. With Republicans claiming that she is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, it’s easy to forget the reason why HillaryContinue reading “The Reinvention of Hillary Clinton”

MTV Movie Awards 2015

Just when you thought the awards season was over, there comes the final show guaranteed to heat up the small screens: the MTV Movie Awards 2015. The Oscars’ much younger brother, first staged in 1992, may not be as prestigious but it’s almost as star-studded and arguably more entertaining and unexpected than the former. HostedContinue reading “MTV Movie Awards 2015”

Go with the FRow

Annabeth Wilson Everyone gets asked the big question at some point- what’s the dream? Whilst for many of us, putting a label on your dream may seem impossible and probably terrifying, some have achieved  such things. Some, like Glasgow School of Art student Jane Maguire, who didn’t only label her dream, but labelled it withContinue reading “Go with the FRow”

Glasgow Hacks

Kathryn Stevenson Graduation is approaching and, apart from feeling extremely withered from nearly four years of excessive boozing, there is a slight smell of smugness in the air as we don our robes and head for the skies. However for those of you still struggling through your university career, don’t panic, I’m here to impart myContinue reading “Glasgow Hacks”