The Labyrinth of Venice

This photo was taken on my second visit to Venice, on one of my wanders through the labyrinthine streets that make up the snaking city. Despite the tall nature of the buildings that occupy the island, and the narrow streets between them, the variety of architectural forms permits no struggle for the sun to burstContinue reading “The Labyrinth of Venice”

The Winter Edit: Scottish Snow

Scotland is an outdoor enthusiasts dream location; in the warmer months (well warm by Scottish standards) you have the vast landscapes to explore; hillwalking, mountain biking, kayaking – I could go on. But when it gets a little bit colder, thanks to its 5 snowsport resorts, it’s a skier or snowboarder’s dream. With the winterContinue reading “The Winter Edit: Scottish Snow”

On the Presidents Club Dinner: My Experience in the Hospitality Industry

Over the last couple of months I’ve been quietly observing the fascinating unravelling of massive, hidden networks of sexual violence in the West, just as most of us have. I raised my eyebrows as legendary celebrity names dropped like stones from the untouchable clouds of Hollywood, I cried a little bit when I watched OprahContinue reading “On the Presidents Club Dinner: My Experience in the Hospitality Industry”

GUCFS in aid of Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of GUCFS: FOCUS as solely a great night and party but ultimately, we must focus on the main aim – to raise money and awareness for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity. G-You sat down with Beth O’Shea, Director of Creative Fundraising to find out more aboutContinue reading “GUCFS in aid of Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity”