Save The Last Dance – The Sports Shows I’ve been Watching in Isolation

Written by: Ewan Galbraith 2020 by all accounts should have been the definitive summer of sport with a schedule filled to the brim with sporting greatness, with Wimbledon and the Tour de France set to be joined by the Euros and the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Alas with the introduction of Social Distancing and theContinue reading “Save The Last Dance – The Sports Shows I’ve been Watching in Isolation”

500 Miles For Mental Health

The GUSA family are passionate about raising awareness of mental wellbeing and helping all of us who have, or are, struggling. We all have mental health, and starting the conversation about it will make it less scary to approach when we are not doing as well. This February we are excited to invite all ourContinue reading “500 Miles For Mental Health”

UEFA’s Solution to Dwindling Interest in International Breaks

Dreaded by managers and fans alike, international breaks were becoming questioned more and more as a necessary element of the football season. Not qualification rounds, but rather the mind-numbing friendlies. Mounted on top of this is media analysts’ negative exaggeration of sides such as Scotland losing 4-0 to the World Cup Bronze medallists Belgium –Continue reading “UEFA’s Solution to Dwindling Interest in International Breaks”

Ladies Who Lift: GUWC Women’s, World No.1s

Something that has always amazed me is the strength the human body is capable of possessing. Watching people throw around twice their own body weight can be mesmerising and as a women and feminist, seeing females do this is all the more impressive. Now this is not because I believe women to be relatively weakerContinue reading “Ladies Who Lift: GUWC Women’s, World No.1s”

Is Physical Gain worth the Mental Pain?

As many of you reading this will be aware the European championships took over the city of Glasgow during the first two weeks in August. Swimmers, divers, cyclists, rowers and gymnasts from all over Europe piled into Scotland’s largest city as the festival of sport, culture and art commenced. From a British perspective it turnedContinue reading “Is Physical Gain worth the Mental Pain?”

GURFC: The Evolving Narrative of a Rugby Boy

As one of the oldest student societies at the university – outdating both of the student unions and the sports association – Glasgow University Rugby Football Club is dripping in history and tradition. Since it was founded in 1869, the different generations of the club have gone through many challenges and changes on and offContinue reading “GURFC: The Evolving Narrative of a Rugby Boy”

The Importance of the “Beautiful Game” in 2018

It’s that time again; the work sweepstakes, the Coca Cola adverts and the sticker books are back. The 2018 FIFA World Cup begins in only a matter of days and I can guarantee that reading that statement brings about one of three reactions. 1) Excitement. You’ve waited for this for the last four years, yourContinue reading “The Importance of the “Beautiful Game” in 2018”

A girls guide to an equal life

In 2018, it will (and should) seem alien to most of us that 50 years ago women were not permitted to enter and compete in a marathon. Kathrine Switzer, a pioneer in the feminist sporting movement, was aggressively tackled in an attempt to prevent her completing the Boston marathon in April of 1967. Much toContinue reading “A girls guide to an equal life”