Cruelty Is Never Fashionable

It’s half past six on a Friday night, you’re sat on the end of your bed, all the clothes you own scattered around on the floor. Feeling deflated you think for the one hundredth time, I have nothing to wear, and eventually opt for the usual black top and jeans you wore last week, promisingContinue reading “Cruelty Is Never Fashionable”

Counting the Cost

In the last 20 years the world has suffered seventeen of the twenty most costly hurricanes in history and nine of the ten most costly typhoons. These weather phenomena are actually different names for the same type of storm: tropical cyclones. These storms are primarily formed by a difference in temperature between the surface ofContinue reading “Counting the Cost”

A Tory, SNP and Labour MP walk into the Union: On Getting into Politics

The following is an interview between Danielle Rowley (Labour MP), Douglas Ross (Conservative MP), Stewart McDonald (SNP MP), Owain (Convener of Libraries, Co. Editor-in-Chief) and Bethany (Politics Editor). It was conducted after the Freshers’ Week Show Debate, where each of the politicians were speaking. We have split up the interview into three distinct segments; onContinue reading “A Tory, SNP and Labour MP walk into the Union: On Getting into Politics”

Volunteering in a Voluntourism Void

Volunteering abroad……the very notion brings to mind the image of hippy trouser warriors marching across the globe helping the unfortunate. Many Instagram posts later and you will find them coming home, their heads held high with pride at the work they have done to “help” those in need. This line of thinking goes by theContinue reading “Volunteering in a Voluntourism Void”

G-YOU Exclusive: Backstage with Charlie Sloth

G-You: How did you get into music/radio? Carlie Sloth: Ehm, so, I’ve always been a massive music geek and radio geek. I started doing pirate radio in London when I was thirteen. Uhm, and then by the time I was sixteen I had seven different radio shows on seven different stations, on seven different daysContinue reading “G-YOU Exclusive: Backstage with Charlie Sloth”

Ladies Who Lift: GUWC Women’s, World No.1s

Something that has always amazed me is the strength the human body is capable of possessing. Watching people throw around twice their own body weight can be mesmerising and as a women and feminist, seeing females do this is all the more impressive. Now this is not because I believe women to be relatively weakerContinue reading “Ladies Who Lift: GUWC Women’s, World No.1s”

G-YOU: Backstage with Massaoke

G-YOU: Who came up with the idea of Massaoke? Where did it come from and why do you think it works so well? Massaoke: Massaoke was dreamt up by a group of friends in a pub in a basement in London. It works really well because it’s a universal thing, it brings people together andContinue reading “G-YOU: Backstage with Massaoke”

G-YOU Exclusive: Backstage with Youngr

G-YOU: I’ll let my two editors here do the talking because I’ll talk nonsense not going to lie Y: So who does what here? G-YOU: I’m Libraries convener, I’m like Mikey but I look after books instead of big acts, we’ve got Laura here she’s our Sports and Wellbeing editor and Catrin is our designContinue reading “G-YOU Exclusive: Backstage with Youngr”

G-YOU Exclusive: Backstage with DJ Sammy

G-You: So, what inspired you to become a DJ in the first place? DJ Sammy: I come from a family of musicians, my father plays the guitar, my family the piano. I grew up playing instruments. That’s why my music is not only very electronic but comes from acoustics songs. At a very young ageContinue reading “G-YOU Exclusive: Backstage with DJ Sammy”

The President’s Welcome

Hello and welcome to the Glasgow University Union! Sat at the foot of University Avenue we are proud to be the hub for the student social life  on Campus! With four amazing committees, and a board full of dedicated students, we are all here to make your time at University as memorable and fun asContinue reading “The President’s Welcome”