Student Artist Spotlight: Petros Aronis

What course do you study and what year are you in?  A 3rd-year student and I’m Studying History of Art. What does your work aim to say?  Generally, my body of work has no firm distinction between fine art, personal, commercial and editorial. Art for me is a combination of aesthetics and morality with noContinue reading “Student Artist Spotlight: Petros Aronis”

Does Your Mother Know?

Our generation has a reputation for being the most progressive and open-minded yet, and I’ve definitely fulfilled that stereotype in my time so far at uni. Recently entering into a polyamorous relationship, being openly pansexual, and never refraining from being the forward thinking feminist I am, I’ve taken full advantage of how accepting the peopleContinue reading “Does Your Mother Know?”

De-Stress Home Workout – from the GUWC

These stressful exam periods tend to bring with them long periods of sitting down, hunched over keyboards and note pads franticly trying to cram information onto paper and into our brains. The combination of extended seated periods and stress does no good for our physical or mental health. Thankfully, exercise could be our saviour. AsContinue reading “De-Stress Home Workout – from the GUWC”

Student Artist Spotlight: Katerina Manoli

What course do you study and what year are you in? I’m studying Philosophy and Psychology, in my last year now. What does your work aim to say? My work brings forward conceptual connections between seemingly contradictory or unrelated images. In this project, I looked at female body parts that have been associated with stereotypesContinue reading “Student Artist Spotlight: Katerina Manoli”

Is social media nourishing Neo-nationalism?

Nowadays we are all busy mindlessly scrolling through our screens, casually absorbing and internalising whatever story comes our way. News is a constant and feeds our relentless need for emotional distraction, base intellectual stimulation, and procrastination. Alternatively put, as consumers of the news on social media, we propagate the institutions and speakers that channel it,Continue reading “Is social media nourishing Neo-nationalism?”

From Civil to Digital Rights: The Wider Issues the Zuckerberg Hearings have Uncovered

Over the past week, Mark Zuckerberg has sat in front of two Senate committees in Washington to answer questions on how Facebook has operated over the past 14 years. Amid concerns of Russian interference, data harvesting, and more, the founder of the company received questions with often scripted responses that artfully dodged senators’ attacks. However,Continue reading “From Civil to Digital Rights: The Wider Issues the Zuckerberg Hearings have Uncovered”

Introducing Ms. Margo: The G-You’s Resident Agony Aunt!

There are multiple guys in my life, and I don’t know which one to choose, or if I have to? Please Help! Having so many romantic options you’re finding it difficult to choose is a problem many of us can only dream of being burdened with, but I understand that it could be difficult. YouContinue reading “Introducing Ms. Margo: The G-You’s Resident Agony Aunt!”

Student Artist Spotlight: Adriana Iuliano

What course do you study and what year are you in? I’m a third-year Chemistry student.  What does your work aim to say? My photos are an example of everyday life here in Glasgow. My aim was to take candid pictures of passers-by on the streets of Glasgow during an ordinary day of September. ByContinue reading “Student Artist Spotlight: Adriana Iuliano”

New Feature: Street Watch!

With a new editorial team, comes bright new ideas! Skye brings us Street Watch, a feature dedicated to the weird and wonderful street art around this great city, and sometimes a little further afield. Check out the next magazine for more Street Watch! -Owain Campton, Editor-in-Chief   Last month saw Glasgow’s most up and comingContinue reading “New Feature: Street Watch!”