5 Ways to Help Your Mental Health In Lockdown

Written by: Scott Norval With all these posts on social media about gaining a new skill/hobby/talent in lockdown it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed. From all the bread baking, to 5km runs and big zoom seshes, you can feel like you are missing out. Sometimes, when I’m feeling low, even just the simplest things feelContinue reading “5 Ways to Help Your Mental Health In Lockdown”

Who’s down for some Lockdown Bingo?

Written by: Catherine Bouchard As lockdown begins to lift across the globe, people are starting to emerge from their homes and into the outside world for the first time in weeks. Soon, lockdown will hopefully be a distant memory and a story to pass on to future generations. But before our lockdown lifts in theContinue reading “Who’s down for some Lockdown Bingo?”


Written by: Amy McKenzie Smith When you get a good seat in the library with a window view on your favourite floor  When a really boring lecture ends and you get to leave Spontaneous pints in the middle of the day Going to the cinema and smuggling your own snacks in  Queuing for half anContinue reading “IN LOCKDOWN, IT’S THE ‘ORDINARY STUFF’ WE MISS THE MOST. LITTLE THINGS: A LIST”

April Horoscopes, with a twist please*

This month the stars will tell you what you really should be doing during your lockdown dayz. And trust me, you’ll want to know. Aries – you will be marketing yourself in different ways. Maybe you really are that influencer you’ve always dreamed of being. Shawty, it’s your birthday season! And as much as thisContinue reading “April Horoscopes, with a twist please*”

A Reflection [In Bloom]

Written by: Francisca Matias & Matthew Miller Glasgow Women’s Aid – a charity that has been in bloom for the past 35 years, offering support, legal and financial advice, as well as provide safe, anonymous refuge to women, young people and children who experience domestic abuse.  This year’s Glasgow University’s Charity Fashion Show (GUCFS) had theContinue reading “A Reflection [In Bloom]”

Six free day-trips to go on in Glasgow

Whether you’ve just newly moved to the city, or are a veteran Glaswegian, it’s always fun to be a tourist. So, whatever your experience, here are six day-trip ideas for exploring what Glasgow’s cultural scene has to offer. Plus, they’re all free! Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is one ofContinue reading “Six free day-trips to go on in Glasgow”

Glasgow’s Quirkier Event Scene

We really are spoiled for choice in Glasgow as every month, the city plays host to hundreds of different creative culture events, many of them free and often on the campus doorstep. With that in mind, here is a round-up of some more obscure options to keep an eye out for… Lady Balls Bingo @Continue reading “Glasgow’s Quirkier Event Scene”

A Look at the Political Groups on Campus

Student years have long been associated with, amongst a suitable quantity of debauchery, being socially and politically active. Almost every revolution has a paragraph somewhere about a group of drunken students hatching plans for a better tomorrow. However, the one thing that all these groups have in common is just that, they are groups. So,Continue reading “A Look at the Political Groups on Campus”

Your Complete Guide to the Best Drunk Scran around the West End

As the madness that is Fresher’s Week comes around again for another year, it is easy for fresh-faced first-years to feel overloaded with information about life here at Glasgow. Between all the sports fairs, union events and campus tours running throughout the week, vital knowledge could well be missed. Picture the scene. A young GUSAContinue reading “Your Complete Guide to the Best Drunk Scran around the West End”