CONCEPTUAL for SAMH: The Mental Health Benefits of Engaging with the Arts

There has been a string of news articles on the positive impact of art on mental health recently. Specifically, media have been reporting on events in Canada, where a group of doctors will start prescribing museum visits to help patients suffering from a range of ailments, including mental illness, as part of a pilot program,Continue reading “CONCEPTUAL for SAMH: The Mental Health Benefits of Engaging with the Arts”

GUCFS: Pre-Ticket Press Release!

Through the past semester we have been bringing you information about the fashion event of the year. Now with GUCFS tickets on sale today have a look at what they have planned for the event! “This year’s theme aims to deliver an immersive experience for guests, woven into every aspect from the moment they enterContinue reading “GUCFS: Pre-Ticket Press Release!”

Public Transport Infrastructure Blues

My mom spent much of her adult life in Berkeley, California. In the 80s and 90s, when the vegan-to-heroin addict ratio favoured junkies much more than it does today. It was a rough place, she says. She knew those streets. It was therefore only with great difficulty that I convinced her not to attempt theContinue reading “Public Transport Infrastructure Blues”

No-one puts the 80s in the Corner!

There’s no denying that history repeats itself. All you need to do is open a copy of Vogue and see our parents’ fantastic clothes in the photographs they’ve shoved under their bed in embarrassment. Or, you could walk into a fluorescently-lit Murano flat and hear a multitude of students standing on the table projecting “Annie,Continue reading “No-one puts the 80s in the Corner!”

Will Theresa May Survive the Winter?

Things aren’t looking too good for May after the publication of her 585-page draft Brexit Agreement on the 14 of November. May’s agreement, comprised of solutions for the Northern Ireland backstop and also details on state aid, the financial settlement and citizens’ rights after Brexit, has been met head on with cabinet resignations. This includesContinue reading “Will Theresa May Survive the Winter?”