A Look at the Political Groups on Campus

Student years have long been associated with, amongst a suitable quantity of debauchery, being socially and politically active. Almost every revolution has a paragraph somewhere about a group of drunken students hatching plans for a better tomorrow. However, the one thing that all these groups have in common is just that, they are groups. So,Continue reading “A Look at the Political Groups on Campus”

Charles Kennedy and Glasgow University Union

Paul Baird Some of the most well-known names in British politics have walked through the doors of Glasgow University Union and cut their teeth on the floor of the Union’s Debating Chamber. Charles Kennedy is one of those names. His tragic death on the 1st of June came as a tremendous shock to us allContinue reading “Charles Kennedy and Glasgow University Union”

Opinion: I’m fed up with this Election

Hannah Burgess As we approach May, exams loom for students, as they do every year, however on the 7th May 2015 we all face a much bigger question than the ones in front of us in the examination halls. Who will form the next government of the United Kingdom? I don’t know about you butContinue reading “Opinion: I’m fed up with this Election”

The Reinvention of Hillary Clinton

Kathryn Stevenson Hillary Clinton has announced her bid for the Presidency in 2016. Although the announcement comes as no surprise, Clinton’s candidacy brings with it the echoes of her failed 2008 presidential candidacy. With Republicans claiming that she is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, it’s easy to forget the reason why HillaryContinue reading “The Reinvention of Hillary Clinton”

Electionwatch 2015

Huw Clarke It’s less than five months until the general election and the result is close to impossible to call. Opinion polls are in constant flux and there is a strong likelihood that no party will be able to achieve a majority. This is all symptomatic of the severe problems pushing the British political systemContinue reading “Electionwatch 2015”

A Publicity Stunt Of The Best Kind

In the aftermath of American whistleblower Edward Snowden’s election as Glasgow University’s rector, there has been a swathe of disgust, frustration and downright condescension posted on social media sites by students. These range from individual posts lamenting a loss of faith in the student body as a whole, to Facebook pages already campaigning for aContinue reading “A Publicity Stunt Of The Best Kind”

Snowden: A Poor Decision

All opinions displayed here are personal, and do not represent the views of the SRC. I arrived at the rectorial election results late; just after Edward Snowden had been announced as the new rector of Glasgow University. Students were already leaving in crowds, looking disappointed, and looking round the Bute Hall, nobody looked particularly happy.Continue reading “Snowden: A Poor Decision”

The Joke Is On Everyone

I can’t really complain about the election of whistleblower Edward Snowden to the position of Rector because I didn’t bother to vote. I didn’t even bother to look at the other candidates and their manifestos and any information that was relevant to the election. I’m a politics student who failed to do one of theContinue reading “The Joke Is On Everyone”