Artwork Feature by Annie Liddle

I’m Annie Liddle, I’ve just finished a Law Degree at Glasgow University and now I’m completing my Legal Diploma there. The aim of this triptych was just to try and convey a style of photography where photos are taken completely out of focus. Throughout the triptych each painting becomes more in focus by a slightContinue reading “Artwork Feature by Annie Liddle”

Black History Month: A Female Black Artist In Glasgow

My name is Nina Mdwaba, I am a South African, Glasgow based student and performance artist. I’m currently in my third year of psychology and theatre joint honours. My medium includes dance and puppetry.  What has been your experience on being a black woman in the arts in Glasgow? I think being a black femaleContinue reading “Black History Month: A Female Black Artist In Glasgow”

What’s On In Glasgow: Theatre

Edinburgh may be the capital city of Scotland but Glasgow is the undisputed culture capital. It boast copious amounts of venues whether you are a music obsessor, film nut or theatre buff – it truly has it all! Here’s the details about what has been and what’s coming up in Glasgow’s Theatre scene. REVIEW: TheContinue reading “What’s On In Glasgow: Theatre”

Geisha Today, Gangster Tomorrow: Cultural Appropriation in the Music Industry

The phrase Cultural Appropriation is being thrown around a lot at the moment. From Gigi Hadid wearing a hijab for the first ever cover of Vogue Arabia, to girls wearing Indian Headdress at music festivals. The music industry especially is notorious for musicians selectively borrowing from other cultures and utilising those characteristics for their ownContinue reading “Geisha Today, Gangster Tomorrow: Cultural Appropriation in the Music Industry”

STaG New Talent Nights: Alice in Wonderland

For those who don’t know, New Talent Nights  is when Student Theatre at Glasgow (STaG), at the beginning of every year, put on multiple version of the same show, solely for freshers to star in. It is rehearsed and performed in just over a month, so often we are told not to expect the highestContinue reading “STaG New Talent Nights: Alice in Wonderland”

The Hollywood Whitewash

  Since 2015 the big name award shows have been under scrutiny for “whitewashing”, the Oscars have had the most publicised backlash in the past few years regarding the race and the lack of diversity of their nominees. Was their selection pure coincidence or is there something going? In modern times, race is the lastContinue reading “The Hollywood Whitewash”

A note on Parliamentary Debating

Dear readers, Glasgow University Union is not only one of the best competitive debating unions in the world, but is home to the unique Parliamentary Debates. Parliamentary Debates are Glagsow’s own unique twist on the House of Commons, including passionate speeches, heckling and lots of traditions. However, our chamber differs radically to that of theContinue reading “A note on Parliamentary Debating”

REVIEW: Faithful Ruslan: The Story of a Guard Dog

During its almost 3 week run at the Citizen’s Theatre, Faithful Ruslan is described as “An extraordinary satire on the Stalinist regime in Russia seen through the eyes of a guard dog”. But this story is much more than a simple dog’s tale. Reminiscent at times of both war horse and animal farm, it isContinue reading “REVIEW: Faithful Ruslan: The Story of a Guard Dog”