GUCFS in Pictures

GUCFS 2015 was an incredible success. Glasgow Uni’s Hunter Halls were bursting at the seams with students and models alike, and the afterparty was ON A BOAT no less, prompting reams of students to burst out The Lonely Islands hallowed lyrics. I couldn’t help it either. Check out our photos from the show, capturing theContinue reading “GUCFS in Pictures”

Be My Budget Valentine..?

Annabeth Wilson With Valentine’s Day practically on our doorstep already, the fear may have set in for many of you on how to treat that special someone in your life. Worse still, your bank account is probably in its own personal pit of despair.  WORRY NOT MY FRIENDS! The official list to ensure that yourContinue reading “Be My Budget Valentine..?”

Everything Eddie

Kathryn Stevenson I’ve had three major celebrity crushes in my life- Richard Fleeshman, Robert Pattinson and now- Eddie Redmayne. I know what you’re thinking, quite the list of talented men. I know how to pick them. With the anticipation Eddie’s Oscar building, it’s fair to say that he stands out from the crowd. Although, RichardContinue reading “Everything Eddie”

Setting the Music Scene

Chloe Turner 2014 saw some pretty incredible things happening in the world of music. From Taylor Swift’s dramatic music change to Conchita Wurst, ‘normal’ was redefined for many artists, and music had a bit of a shake up. Although my crystal ball unfortunately shattered on New Year’s Eve (vodka and fortune telling are never aContinue reading “Setting the Music Scene”