Going Places

Last summer was amazing. As a nation we are generally crap at organising stuff. We barely managed to get out of the Kelvingrove wedding celebrations alive. Wimbledon, unbelievably, only got a roof in the last few years. Before that, everyone was forced to listen to Cliff Richard sing for two days straight while it rained.Continue reading “Going Places”

More than the muse – The bold and brave Rachel Jones on her award winning art and what’s next for her.

When I think about people going places, really succeeding and grabbing life by its collar and giving it a shake, I think about Rachel. When starting something new, whether it’s the beginning of university, a new year or a different job it can be easy to shy away from our big dreams and get lostContinue reading “More than the muse – The bold and brave Rachel Jones on her award winning art and what’s next for her.”

He’s The Boss of me

Everyone knows what’s iconic.  Madonna’s pointy bras? Totally iconic. The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover? Hugely iconic. For me, Bruce Springsteen is the definition of an icon. He’s 63 but still achingly cool, has the on-stage (and off, I reckon) stamina of one 40 years his junior, and his music has inspired generation after generation.Continue reading “He’s The Boss of me”

Freshers’ Guide

Hello newbie student, with any luck this is the start of the journey which will eventually earn yourself that coveted piece of paper that will enable you to justify the four years of laziness, alcoholism and poor life decisions you are about to embark on. At a guess you are here for one of threeContinue reading “Freshers’ Guide”

Summer Music Festivals

Already one of the most interesting and upcoming tourist destinations in the world, Croatia also has a booming festival scene that is just about to get louder. It is a country with a turbulent history. Only 15 years ago Croatia was in a violent struggle for independence yet now it is an essential stop onContinue reading “Summer Music Festivals”