A Hungover Student’s Guide to the West End

Whether you’re a fresh-faced fresher or a west-end pro, hangovers don’t discriminate. So, with it being reading week and many of us maybe going out once or twice, here is 6 of the tastiest hangover hangouts the West End has to offer. Café Go-Go Café Go-Go: the hangover hero of the West End. Not onlyContinue reading “A Hungover Student’s Guide to the West End”

Children of Eden Production Team Interview

As many of you will be aware (they certainly mention it often enough) the Cecilian Society’s next show, Children of Eden, is on the horizon. And as this is a show very different to anything they’ve done before, I thought I should find out exactly what’s what, by sitting down with Sam McElgunn (Director), MichaelContinue reading “Children of Eden Production Team Interview”

Let’s Talk About Tinder

How many couples will have met online this Valentine’s Day? More than ever before is the inevitable answer as the Tinder phenomenon continues to sweep the world. But, is this database of human character condensed into 5 pictures and 10-word bios the place to find an actual partner? In the mid-90s, Match.com began the onlineContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Tinder”

Games Committee Present: MONTH OF GAMES!

It’s that time of year again, it’s finally back! Miserable January is over and February is the month filled with fun! And at long last, there are plenty of chances to get your name etched in gold leaf around the Beer Bar walls FOREVER. There are events for everyone, whether you can eat, drink orContinue reading “Games Committee Present: MONTH OF GAMES!”

500 Miles For Mental Health

The GUSA family are passionate about raising awareness of mental wellbeing and helping all of us who have, or are, struggling. We all have mental health, and starting the conversation about it will make it less scary to approach when we are not doing as well. This February we are excited to invite all ourContinue reading “500 Miles For Mental Health”

Mental Health: Observations from a First Year’s Journey

Mental health is one of the most pressing issues we are faced with as students in the 21st Century. Nearly 50% of all students at the University of Glasgow have problems with their mental health and while there is provision – in the form of counselling services – I believe there is a lot moreContinue reading “Mental Health: Observations from a First Year’s Journey”

Pride and Prejudice: Attitudes to the LGBTQ+ Community across the Globe

The turn of the millennium brought us many things. Big Brother hit the screens and the UK IQ average dropped by two points (not necessarily a causation effect…); Clippit became the default Office assistant on Windows 2000, the latest in processing software, successfully annoying us enough to become one of the first mainstream internet memes;Continue reading “Pride and Prejudice: Attitudes to the LGBTQ+ Community across the Globe”