Who Predicted Trump First?

It was the election result that no-one saw coming. Or did they? It has been a week since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States *shudders* and ever since, the Internet has latched onto any tell-tale signs of the surprise election result. So who really predicted the former Apprentice star would one dayContinue reading “Who Predicted Trump First?”

A brief history of the D*** F***** ball

Nationwide, students are aware of the elusive and mysterious annual event at the Glasgow University Union. The mere utterance of words ‘Daft Friday’ can send a shiver down the spine of Glasgow University’s population. While it is known for its exclusive and hard to come by tickets and the air of secrecy surrounding its yearlyContinue reading “A brief history of the D*** F***** ball”

Big Shoes to Fill?

‘World Changers Welcome’ is the current subheading of the University of Glasgow that we see everywhere around campus, but who are the world changers who have been and gone? Heres a few names you may recognise that studied at Glasgow before going onto famous and successful careers… Gerard Butler The Hollywood heart throb has been inContinue reading “Big Shoes to Fill?”

When G-YOU met Bread Meats Bread

Burgers have undergone a dramatic transformation in the past few years. Gone are the days of a humble patty sandwiched between two slices of bread – nowadays, burgers are served in sophisticated buns, topped with anything you could ever dream of. Burgers are the fashionable food of the moment, so it is only fitting thatContinue reading “When G-YOU met Bread Meats Bread”

‘Any Questions?’ at the GUU

Given that GUU has such deep connections with Scottish and British politics, it felt only right that the Debates Chamber played host to an episode of BBC Radio 4’s “Any Questions?” earlier this month. Presenter Jonathon Dimbleby led the lively discussion which featured the CEO of the Scottish Whisky Association David Frost, Labour NEC memberContinue reading “‘Any Questions?’ at the GUU”