Student Artist Spotlight: Nessie Wise

“I started embroidering about five years ago following the discovery of a hoop and a bag of tangled threads in my house. Since then it’s become my favourite medium to work with as it is an incredibly freeing, expressive and forgiving medium to work with – there’s no such thing as an out of placeContinue reading “Student Artist Spotlight: Nessie Wise”

New Year’s Eve Across the Globe

Here’s our guide to the most spectacular, superstitious and bizarre New Year’s Eve traditions. We’ve tried to avoid the most well-known rituals, instead we’ll focus on lesser-known gems. These might give you the inspiration to try something a little different to round off the year. Well perhaps not, but they’re funny anyhow. Rural Québec –Continue reading “New Year’s Eve Across the Globe”

Review: The 2018 Political Preview – E.U.

Prior to sitting as convener and editor-in-chief I was the politics and current affairs editor for G-YOU, which seemed reasonable given my limited understanding of politics but conviction to argue over anything. So ignorance aside I did my reading, I kept reasonably informed, and at the beginning of this year I made some claims asContinue reading “Review: The 2018 Political Preview – E.U.”

Far-Flung Festivals

Winter doesn’t have to be all mince pies and tinsel… have a look at these alternative winter festivals… The Festival of Santo Tomás, Chichicastenango, Guatemala On the week leading up to the 21st of December the Guatemalan town of Chichicastenango becomes captivated with an electric mix of Catholic and Native Mayan traditions in honour ofContinue reading “Far-Flung Festivals”

Taking the Christ out of Christmas?

I have been asked before why I celebrate Christmas as a non-believer and someone who doesn’t associate themselves with Christianity in any way. Many of my earliest memories of Christmas are linked to it as a Christian holiday – singing Christmas carols in the village square on Christmas Eve (We Three Kings was always myContinue reading “Taking the Christ out of Christmas?”

GUCFS: Simon Community Scotland

Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show (GUCFS) beyond the shoots, the Instagram’s, the graphics, and the spectacular of the show itself, are fundraising this year for the charity ‘Simon community Scotland’. Charity remains the focus of GUCFS, and this year they are fundraising for one, whose values are to combat the he causes and effects ofContinue reading “GUCFS: Simon Community Scotland”

G-YOU’s Indie Festive Take Over

Winter is descending on Glasgow; with shorter days, colder nights and the inevitable same festive songs playing over and over again in shops. If you’ll be stuck in a retail job over the holiday period, or shudder at the thought of hearing the same tired and worn out ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas’ tunesContinue reading “G-YOU’s Indie Festive Take Over”

STaG presents: Boudica, by Tristan Bernays

STaG’s most recent mainstage, Boudica by Tristan Bernays, has just come to a close and as with every other mainstage over the last 3 and a half years, I was there, watching intently. And what I saw left me very conflicted. STaG’s mainstages over the last few years have been a slow decline in qualityContinue reading “STaG presents: Boudica, by Tristan Bernays”

Hugh Grant For Prime Minister!

So today sees me in Glasgow airport, waiting for flight, which is likely delayed, back home to the mother land. It’s cold and foggy, but when I get gloomy I think about the Arrivals Gate at Glasgow airport…Seems to me that love is everywhere. Often it’s not particularly dignified, or newsworthy – but it’s alwaysContinue reading “Hugh Grant For Prime Minister!”