A Reflection [In Bloom]

Written by: Francisca Matias & Matthew Miller Glasgow Women’s Aid – a charity that has been in bloom for the past 35 years, offering support, legal and financial advice, as well as provide safe, anonymous refuge to women, young people and children who experience domestic abuse.  This year’s Glasgow University’s Charity Fashion Show (GUCFS) had theContinue reading “A Reflection [In Bloom]”

A chat with John Nicolson, one of the nominees for the next UofG Rector position

Vote for me because I know and love Glasgow University, because I was here I care about it, I care about its history, I care about its reputation, I care about its future. I will work for the students and I will represent them without fear or favour. John Nicolson is standing to be theContinue reading “A chat with John Nicolson, one of the nominees for the next UofG Rector position”

Love (and mafia) is in the air! <3

Valéria Levi What does Scotland have to do with mafia?was the typical, almost mathematically predictable, reply I received from most people in Glasgow every time I talked about the need to raise awareness of mafia in the UK. The underlying conviction shared by many seemed to suggest that mafia does not affect Scotland but isContinue reading “Love (and mafia) is in the air! <3”

How have the stars aligned for March?

We’re all pretty tired of the election chat and all that jazz so I thought it’d be time to give you the astrological break down in my very simplest way this month. Better things this month – retrograde over in the beginning of March & structural Saturn is here to actually finally sort your lifeContinue reading “How have the stars aligned for March?”