Get Fit the Fun Way

By Kate Whitaker The gym is the worst. Sorry GUSA, you can make your treadmills as shiny as you want. I don’t buy it. For me, using machines to simulate what you can just do outside is pretty weird. I’m more of a walk-up-a-mountain, than walk-the-height-of-a-mountain-on-a-step-machine kind of girl. However, as much as I hateContinue reading “Get Fit the Fun Way”

GUCFS – A Roaring Success

By Esme Coe With everyone dressed to impress (it was a fashion show after all), Glasgow University Charity Fashion show did not disappoint in terms of the hype surrounding the glamorous occasion. After checking in their coat at the SWG3 venue, guests were encouraged to get a professional photograph taken against the fashion show’s sponsorshipContinue reading “GUCFS – A Roaring Success”

Democracy or Spectacle?

Taggy Elliot US Presidential elections – are they democratic or simply a spectacle? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that the American presidential election is taking place this year. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the final decision is being made imminently, but in fact election night isn’t until November. ConsideringContinue reading “Democracy or Spectacle?”