Review: STAG presents: The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams

Disappointment. It is a word I hate, for it among the many words a critic may use, cuts particularly deeply. But I fear it is the only word I can summon up to describe STAG’s Mainstage this semester. One of Tennessee Williams most noted works (though I am more partial to A Streetcar Named Desire),Continue reading “Review: STAG presents: The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams”

Theatre Review: STAG Presents: The Haunting of 2/2

STAG’s most recent open slot, The Haunting of 2/2, by Rory Doherty, is billed as the story of a nightmare flat, like you’ve never seen it before, the official blurb reading ‘When Jess calls her flatmates, Seth, Louise & Noah for a flat meeting to address the feeling that the flat is drifting apart andContinue reading “Theatre Review: STAG Presents: The Haunting of 2/2”

Let’s Talk About Tinder

How many couples will have met online this Valentine’s Day? More than ever before is the inevitable answer as the Tinder phenomenon continues to sweep the world. But, is this database of human character condensed into 5 pictures and 10-word bios the place to find an actual partner? In the mid-90s, began the onlineContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Tinder”

Pride and Prejudice: Attitudes to the LGBTQ+ Community across the Globe

The turn of the millennium brought us many things. Big Brother hit the screens and the UK IQ average dropped by two points (not necessarily a causation effect…); Clippit became the default Office assistant on Windows 2000, the latest in processing software, successfully annoying us enough to become one of the first mainstream internet memes;Continue reading “Pride and Prejudice: Attitudes to the LGBTQ+ Community across the Globe”

No-one puts the 80s in the Corner!

There’s no denying that history repeats itself. All you need to do is open a copy of Vogue and see our parents’ fantastic clothes in the photographs they’ve shoved under their bed in embarrassment. Or, you could walk into a fluorescently-lit Murano flat and hear a multitude of students standing on the table projecting “Annie,Continue reading “No-one puts the 80s in the Corner!”

New Year’s Eve Across the Globe

Here’s our guide to the most spectacular, superstitious and bizarre New Year’s Eve traditions. We’ve tried to avoid the most well-known rituals, instead we’ll focus on lesser-known gems. These might give you the inspiration to try something a little different to round off the year. Well perhaps not, but they’re funny anyhow. Rural Québec –Continue reading “New Year’s Eve Across the Globe”

Far-Flung Festivals

Winter doesn’t have to be all mince pies and tinsel… have a look at these alternative winter festivals… The Festival of Santo Tomás, Chichicastenango, Guatemala On the week leading up to the 21st of December the Guatemalan town of Chichicastenango becomes captivated with an electric mix of Catholic and Native Mayan traditions in honour ofContinue reading “Far-Flung Festivals”

Taking the Christ out of Christmas?

I have been asked before why I celebrate Christmas as a non-believer and someone who doesn’t associate themselves with Christianity in any way. Many of my earliest memories of Christmas are linked to it as a Christian holiday – singing Christmas carols in the village square on Christmas Eve (We Three Kings was always myContinue reading “Taking the Christ out of Christmas?”