Positivity with Parkinson’s

News stories showed fifty-four-year-old Mark Worsfold was arrested at the 2012 Olympic games for his suspicious behaviour, in that he was not smiling and expressly showing that he was enjoying himself and because of ‘his manner, his state of dress and his proximity to the course’. Tremors? Slow movement? Blanked expression? ‘Shifty’ behaviour? Whilst theseContinue reading “Positivity with Parkinson’s”

Hollywood’s Double Standards: True or False?

We all know that sex sells in Hollywood, or at least that is what we are lead to believe. The leading men are idolised for their chiselled abs and sharp jawlines, they are held on a pedestal as modern day silver screen gods. But what happens when they tarnish their reputation. Do they lose outContinue reading “Hollywood’s Double Standards: True or False?”

What to do between now and your first exam…

With classes coming to an end, you wonder what you’ll do between now and your first exam date. An obvious thing you should undertake is studying. You need to get yourself in the library, behind your desk, or wherever you study, for good amount of time. But there is nothing wrong with taking a breakContinue reading “What to do between now and your first exam…”