BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend: My highlights (and lowlights) from the People’s Festival

The musical jukebox of Radio 1’s Big Weekend officially kicked off the UK’s festival season , featuring a huge array of artists, hailing from all corners of the musical globe. Having kicked off the previous night in George Square in typical club anthem fashion, and ended with a shoeless Nick Grimshaw nearly carried off intoContinue reading “BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend: My highlights (and lowlights) from the People’s Festival”

EU Elections

The buzz about campus in the past week has been growing daily. Politicians would love the hysteria induced by the end of exams to be centred around today’s European Parliamentary elections, alas the vast majority of you reading this won’t vote today because ‘it has very little impact upon me’ and instead spend your dayContinue reading “EU Elections”

The Vision of a New GU Tradition

Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show “You know that picture of Kate Middleton at her uni fashion show? That’s what we’re trying to do!” And it all made sense. My point of reference for the St Andrews Charity Fashion show was THAT moment. The three excitable members of the GUCFS (Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show) sat inContinue reading “The Vision of a New GU Tradition”

Spotted: Glasgow Uni Library – Opinion

After a period of inactivity the Spotted: Glasgow University Library Facebook page has resurfaced causing considerable controversy. The University’s Feminist Societies are campaigning to get it taken down for sexist, demeaning and hurtful posts while the admins cry “freedom of speech” and argue that there’s just as much misandry on the page as misogyny. I,Continue reading “Spotted: Glasgow Uni Library – Opinion”

Spotted: Glasgow Uni Library – Tackling the Issue?

During exam time, the library is a, for lack of a better word, zoo. And, like so many others I know, I spend my fair share of time on the internet: trawling Facebook and twitter, taking countless BuzzFeed quizzes, watching videos on YouTube, stumbling upon ridiculous websites. The emergence of the ‘Spotted’ pages has beenContinue reading “Spotted: Glasgow Uni Library – Tackling the Issue?”