Street Watch: The Pink Bear Rebel Strikes Again

The pink bear rebel strikes again in the city we call home, with perhaps his most controversial piece yet. Two identical murals, one located at Ibrox, home of the Rangers football club, and one at Celtic park, have appeared in the last few weeks. The Image portrays the Pope, head of the Catholic church sportingContinue reading “Street Watch: The Pink Bear Rebel Strikes Again”

Commemorating a Fallen Generation: The Words of WW1 Premier

On Monday the 20th of August, gathered in the University Chapel, The Words of WW1 team premiered their ten short films that commemorate the centenary of The Great War. They did this by taking poetry from both sides of the Western Front, some which are seldom heard nowadays, but never the less convey powerful storiesContinue reading “Commemorating a Fallen Generation: The Words of WW1 Premier”

Behind the Lights: A Tale From Backstage at the Fringe

My friends know that recently my love of theatre has turned into a slight obsession with how the technical side of things work. So, when my Cecilian Society tech director mentioned that applications were open for the role of Production Assistant at 21 Productions, I, admittedly with very little thought, applied.  And That is howContinue reading “Behind the Lights: A Tale From Backstage at the Fringe”

West End Watering Holes

Whether it’s your first time living in Glasgow or not, here’s a handy list of some favourites in the University area. As lifestyle at university is largely about drinking (we were all thinking it) or indeed, not drinking, there’s a key included of the risk factor involved when going to these places. I must stressContinue reading “West End Watering Holes”

Is Physical Gain worth the Mental Pain?

As many of you reading this will be aware the European championships took over the city of Glasgow during the first two weeks in August. Swimmers, divers, cyclists, rowers and gymnasts from all over Europe piled into Scotland’s largest city as the festival of sport, culture and art commenced. From a British perspective it turnedContinue reading “Is Physical Gain worth the Mental Pain?”

Alumni Column: Paul Sweeney MP

A year ago, almost to the day, Theresa May came back from a walking holiday in Wales and decided to call a snap General Election. I could scarcely imagine just how much her decision that day would turn my life upside down to such an extent that I am now writing this article from myContinue reading “Alumni Column: Paul Sweeney MP”

The Cecilian Society: 34,164,000 moments so dear!

This year, the Cecilian Society marked it’s 65th Anniversary. Founded at 3.30pm on Saturday 18th October 1952, this was a Society formed in honour of St Cecilia, the patron saint of music. Initially composed of various groups (including a choral group and an opera group) in 1955 the Opera faction put on their first show,Continue reading “The Cecilian Society: 34,164,000 moments so dear!”

GURFC: The Evolving Narrative of a Rugby Boy

As one of the oldest student societies at the university – outdating both of the student unions and the sports association – Glasgow University Rugby Football Club is dripping in history and tradition. Since it was founded in 1869, the different generations of the club have gone through many challenges and changes on and offContinue reading “GURFC: The Evolving Narrative of a Rugby Boy”

It Only Takes One Shot

In the past year, social media – in particular Instagram – has seen a rise in photos with a dubious warm saturation and some random date from the 90s printed in orange in the corner. They shamelessly mimic the quality of a photograph produced by an analogue camera using an app called HUJI, which hasContinue reading “It Only Takes One Shot”