November Horoscope

Scorpio (23rd October – 21st November) November is dominated by the mystical rulings of Scorpio and if you, or indeed someone you love, happens to fall into this particular phase of the zodiac cycle, I strongly advise that you read on. Let’s talk about Halloween. Unless of course you parents hit the jackpot (birthday + … More November Horoscope

Our Deadly Obsession with Our Own Social Media Presence

Last month, Monalisa Perez fatally shot her partner during a terrible bid for internet fame. This latest tragedy in pursuit of a larger social media following comes at a time where followers, likes, and retweets, are the currency of the online world. From Donald Trump to Monalisa Perez, the obsession over our internet presence is … More Our Deadly Obsession with Our Own Social Media Presence

In Training

 Six months ago, the only running I did was a kind of frenzied frailing attempt to get home after a night out. Now, with a half marathon looming round the corner, I almost can’t believe running hasn’t been part of my everyday routine for longer. So being honest; when I began training, I think most … More In Training