My Choice, My Cause.

Written by: Kate Collins  The Head of Students for Choice’s ‘The Good Cause Project’ discusses the University of Glasgow’s FAQ discrepancies.  **Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, miscarriage and abortion.  It is upsetting that this article had to be written, but disturbingly necessary. The good cause policy, by definition, exists to make ‘appropriate allowances for unforeseen orContinue reading “My Choice, My Cause.”

Cause of death: the system.

Written by: Amélie Davidson George Floyd. Breanna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Samuel Dubose. Tamir Rice. Eric Garner. Santa Bland. Trayvon Martin. Walter Scott. Oscar Grant. Philando Castile. Terrence Crutcher. Aiyana Jones. Agatha Felix. Maurice Gordon. Tony McDade.  These are the names of just some of the many lives lost to senseless acts of racism. For millionsContinue reading “Cause of death: the system.”

How political views influence approaches to COVID-19.

Written by: Kimberley Mannion Most of us, no matter our political views, are in the same place right now – lockdown. Similar strategies to tackle COVID-19 have been implemented across the world by leaders of varying political leanings, but nuances in their approach, however small, make for interesting reflection, particularly when matched up with saidContinue reading “How political views influence approaches to COVID-19.”

How Climate Change Might Be Affecting Your Mental Health and What You Can Do About It

This past summer, I’m sure we all experienced, heard or worried about, and maybe even benefitted from the looming cloud- or sun, in this case- of climate change. Enjoyable summer evening drinks, or days in the park with friends are coupled up with a  jaded feeling of helplessness and fear. In July, we saw temperaturesContinue reading “How Climate Change Might Be Affecting Your Mental Health and What You Can Do About It”

Review: STAG presents: The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams

Disappointment. It is a word I hate, for it among the many words a critic may use, cuts particularly deeply. But I fear it is the only word I can summon up to describe STAG’s Mainstage this semester. One of Tennessee Williams most noted works (though I am more partial to A Streetcar Named Desire),Continue reading “Review: STAG presents: The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams”