The DUP: what they stand for and why we should be worried.

May and Foster meet as part of negotiations. Photo from BBC news.  Just under a month ago, I wrote a piece commentating on the major parties for the recent General Election. Within that article I mentioned that “Northern Ireland, I’ll perhaps write on our political parties once we actually stop messing about and form a … More The DUP: what they stand for and why we should be worried.

The New Sixteen

It seems everyone has something to say about the dangers of social media and body confidence. The age at which many solidify their online presence is becoming younger as more teenagers feel stressed about the way their bodies look. Searching ‘teen + body image + social media’ online produces over fourteen million results; evidence of … More The New Sixteen

Big Shoes to Fill?

‘World Changers Welcome’ is the current subheading of the University of Glasgow that we see everywhere around campus, but who are the world changers who have been and gone? Heres a few names you may recognise that studied at Glasgow before going onto famous and successful careers… Gerard Butler The Hollywood heart throb has been in … More Big Shoes to Fill?

Scroll and…Miss?

As any young person will know, most days do not start with a morning jog or a carefully prepared breakfast. While these activities may sometimes happen, they are by no means as regular as the essential morning social media check. And it makes sense. Waking up in time for your 10am and rewarding yourself with … More Scroll and…Miss?

Uncharted Territory

Hannah Burgess The refugee crisis burst onto our TV screens and filled all manner of journalistic publication over the summer but has received far less attention over the past few weeks. This is not to say that because we don’t see these images daily that problem doesn’t still exist. This is an ever evolving issue. … More Uncharted Territory