A Country Called Bangladesh

In the chronicles of the world, 1971 was an ordinary year. Few ripples here and there and that’s it. The world population rose by 2.1%, the highest increase in any single year. After years of negotiation between the industry and the government, the United States finally banned cigarette advertisements on radio and television. Seabed Treaty,Continue reading “A Country Called Bangladesh”

New Works by StaG

Anna Nodward-Seigel’s skilful keyboards introduced Ross Wylie’s Frank, whose eponymous protagonist displayed great dexterity of accent and sung beautifully in a manly baritone that belied his tender years – and I loved his invitation of audience participation to help out with a highly forgettable TV celebrity. His portrayal of a gauche teenager in a SupermanContinue reading “New Works by StaG”

Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book

From the moment I sat down, I was so admiring of the jungle stage setting by colourful battens and streamers (all over the block rocks, tree limb stairs, towering trunks and treetop boxes) that I only became aware of the wild beast hidden in the undergrowth by the SHHHH of a watchful teacher warning herContinue reading “Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book”

A Publicity Stunt Of The Best Kind

In the aftermath of American whistleblower Edward Snowden’s election as Glasgow University’s rector, there has been a swathe of disgust, frustration and downright condescension posted on social media sites by students. These range from individual posts lamenting a loss of faith in the student body as a whole, to Facebook pages already campaigning for aContinue reading “A Publicity Stunt Of The Best Kind”

Snowden: A Poor Decision

All opinions displayed here are personal, and do not represent the views of the SRC. I arrived at the rectorial election results late; just after Edward Snowden had been announced as the new rector of Glasgow University. Students were already leaving in crowds, looking disappointed, and looking round the Bute Hall, nobody looked particularly happy.Continue reading “Snowden: A Poor Decision”

The Joke Is On Everyone

I can’t really complain about the election of whistleblower Edward Snowden to the position of Rector because I didn’t bother to vote. I didn’t even bother to look at the other candidates and their manifestos and any information that was relevant to the election. I’m a politics student who failed to do one of theContinue reading “The Joke Is On Everyone”

An Interview With Edward Snowden’s Campaign Team Member Chris Cassells

Snowden as a whistle blower is a global issue. What role has Glasgow university, one of thousands of all the universities, in this global issue? Glasgow University is one of the top higher education institutions in the world. And with over 20,000 students from all over the world we have a very powerful voice. EdwardContinue reading “An Interview With Edward Snowden’s Campaign Team Member Chris Cassells”

An Interview With Kevin Holdsworth

Why did you decide to run for the position? I decided to run for the position of Rector because one of the students in the University asked me to do it. I care a lot about higher education and about students themselves and when I looked into it, was sure that I had the skillsContinue reading “An Interview With Kevin Holdsworth”

An Interview With Alan Bissett

The upcoming Rector elections have received a lot of attention due to the diverse and high profile range of nominees. Each candidate offers the University something unique making it especially important that students cast a well researched vote. The G-You have interviewed each potential Rector in order to find out a little bit more aboutContinue reading “An Interview With Alan Bissett”