The Necessity of Change

It is a common conception world-over that ‘change’ is something to be feared, because it comes alongside bad connotations and disorientations and general nastiness. It usually means you have to miss something or someone, or you have to leave your comfort zone, or you have to fend for yourself. These aren’t things that we necessarilyContinue reading “The Necessity of Change”

Keeping up with the Insecurities: What Is a Revenge Body Really About

Whether you love them or hate them, or like, literally could not even care less about them, no-one can deny that the Kardashians are our current celebrity royal family. The TV show – and multiple spin offs – have never appealed to me but I’ll admit to following the whole Klan on Instagram and knowingContinue reading “Keeping up with the Insecurities: What Is a Revenge Body Really About”

The G-You Guide: Awards Season

Every year is the same, in the months of January and February the covers of magazines and gossip columns alike are plastered with glitz, glamour and the ever-important question of ‘Who wore it better?’ Yes I am talking about Awards Season. This is the time of the year where you will use your cinema cardContinue reading “The G-You Guide: Awards Season”

T2 Trainspotting: The G-You Review

“First there was an opportunity, and then there was a betrayal.”  The long awaited and equally feared sequel to the 1996 cult classic Trainspotting pulled into theatres on the 27th of January. Twenty one years later seems a bit excessive but the long gap between the films was mostly due to the cast not lookingContinue reading “T2 Trainspotting: The G-You Review”

35 Thoughts I Had Watching The Super Bowl For The First Time

1. Right, let’s settle down and pretend I know the first thing about this game. Patriots vs Falcons. Seems easy enough. 2. I wonder why they wear leggings? Oh, one of them turned around. Okay, I see the reason now. 3. IS THAT THE SCHUYLER SISTERS? YAAAAAAAS! 4. What an absolute belter the US NationalContinue reading “35 Thoughts I Had Watching The Super Bowl For The First Time”

D*** F*****: Behind the Magic

Hello readers, I’m Rita Skeeter and I write for the distinguished GUU monthly prophet, G-You magazine. Picture this, Fergus Greig, a muggle boy of just 21, President of the Glasgow University Union enters the building to find his home transformed into the magic of the wizarding world. For 12 weeks in the lead up theContinue reading “D*** F*****: Behind the Magic”

No Nominations for University Rector

It has been revealed that there were no suitable nominations for the position of rector this year. The SRC Council will soon hold a vote to determine whether to reopen nominations as soon as possible, or to leave the position vacant and hold elections in the next academic year. This would have been the firstContinue reading “No Nominations for University Rector”

10 of the Best: Chilled/Study tunes on Spotify

Whether you’re writing an essay or trying to get your head round looming deadlines, or you’re just curled up in your bed listening to the rain outside with a cup of hot chocolate; these chilled songs provide a perfect atmosphere for concentration or relaxation so add them to your winter nights playlist (and look forward to SpringContinue reading “10 of the Best: Chilled/Study tunes on Spotify”

Kelvingrove MUCHA Exhibit: A Must-See

  If you’re an art lover and looking for your next inspiration you don’t have to look further than our own Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. The exhibition at the Kelvingrove showcases the Czech born artist Alphonse Mucha (1860 – 1939). Titled ‘In Quest of Beauty’, the exhibit’s soft lighting cleverly highlights his unique, elegantContinue reading “Kelvingrove MUCHA Exhibit: A Must-See”