A Look at the Political Groups on Campus

Student years have long been associated with, amongst a suitable quantity of debauchery, being socially and politically active. Almost every revolution has a paragraph somewhere about a group of drunken students hatching plans for a better tomorrow. However, the one thing that all these groups have in common is just that, they are groups. So,Continue reading “A Look at the Political Groups on Campus”

GUCFS: It’s back and better than ever

GUCFS is back with a bang, ready for the lead up to their show, Unleashed, in February 2016. I went behind the scenes for G-You at their ‘Introducing// The Models 2015’ shoot, and had a chat with Kristen Don, their President, about the show itself and what we can look forward to from the mostContinue reading “GUCFS: It’s back and better than ever”

Charles Kennedy and Glasgow University Union

Paul Baird Some of the most well-known names in British politics have walked through the doors of Glasgow University Union and cut their teeth on the floor of the Union’s Debating Chamber. Charles Kennedy is one of those names. His tragic death on the 1st of June came as a tremendous shock to us allContinue reading “Charles Kennedy and Glasgow University Union”

Winning a Student Election

As the dregs of the election leaflets gather in the gutter and facebook propaganda lingers awkwardly, it can only mean one thing – post student election blues. However for those whose vigorous campaigning paid off, we ask – how do you win a student election? And who better to ask than our very own freshlyContinue reading “Winning a Student Election”

GUCFS – After Dark 2015

Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show (GUCFS) have been super busy over the past few months preparing for their big event, After Dark. We caught up with creative director, Fern Logue, and head of men’s fashion, Matthew Dawson, at an outdoor shoot earlier this year to find out what we can expect from the most highlyContinue reading “GUCFS – After Dark 2015”

The Kelvin Ensemble Winter Concert

The Kelvin Ensemble was founded in 1991 by a group of students at Glasgow University, gave its first concert in autumn 1992 and is still going strong 22 years later – a testament to the hard work and dedication of Glasgow University’s musicians. Kelvin performs two concerts a year within the university area, providing studentsContinue reading “The Kelvin Ensemble Winter Concert”

The Vision of a New GU Tradition

Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show “You know that picture of Kate Middleton at her uni fashion show? That’s what we’re trying to do!” And it all made sense. My point of reference for the St Andrews Charity Fashion show was THAT moment. The three excitable members of the GUCFS (Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show) sat inContinue reading “The Vision of a New GU Tradition”

New Works by StaG

Anna Nodward-Seigel’s skilful keyboards introduced Ross Wylie’s Frank, whose eponymous protagonist displayed great dexterity of accent and sung beautifully in a manly baritone that belied his tender years – and I loved his invitation of audience participation to help out with a highly forgettable TV celebrity. His portrayal of a gauche teenager in a SupermanContinue reading “New Works by StaG”

A Publicity Stunt Of The Best Kind

In the aftermath of American whistleblower Edward Snowden’s election as Glasgow University’s rector, there has been a swathe of disgust, frustration and downright condescension posted on social media sites by students. These range from individual posts lamenting a loss of faith in the student body as a whole, to Facebook pages already campaigning for aContinue reading “A Publicity Stunt Of The Best Kind”

Snowden: A Poor Decision

All opinions displayed here are personal, and do not represent the views of the SRC. I arrived at the rectorial election results late; just after Edward Snowden had been announced as the new rector of Glasgow University. Students were already leaving in crowds, looking disappointed, and looking round the Bute Hall, nobody looked particularly happy.Continue reading “Snowden: A Poor Decision”