Old Oppositions or Firm Friends?

Nobody can argue that Scottish football has seen better days. The national team consistently has the nation in a state of despair and the SPFL is becoming increasingly overshadowed by its older and frankly more exciting brother, the Premier League. However, an aspect that will always keep the league somewhat interesting is one of theContinue reading “Old Oppositions or Firm Friends?”

Out with the Old and In with the New

The Glasgow Western Infirmary stood for 141 years finally closing its doors to patients and students in 2015. This teaching hospital was crucial in the Universities move from the city centre to the West End abandoning the nearby Royal Infirmary as this was now considered too remote for the proposed new site. It was madeContinue reading “Out with the Old and In with the New”

Why are we Silent?

Nowadays, after watching the news, I can’t help but find myself imaging that we are in the midst of a political furore exacerbated by divisive polemics; witnessing manifest displays of rage and steadfast allegiance from left to right on political issues whereby the loudest opinion wins. Yet, despite all this yelling and opposition upon theContinue reading “Why are we Silent?”

Groundings: The New Academic Journal from the G.U.U.

Having an article published in an academic journal can bring tremendous benefits to the author. They will see greater recognition in the world of academia, develop their academic writing and research skills and directly contribute to their field of study in a concrete, tangible way. However, undergraduate students often miss out on the benefits mentionedContinue reading “Groundings: The New Academic Journal from the G.U.U.”

G-YOU’s Pledge: We Will Talk About The Black Dog

Being a student is no mean feat. The pressures we feel pushing on us from the outside are great, be they looming deadlines, the pressures to socialise, wondering “what comes next”, dealing with student loans that barely cover rent never-mind cost of living, and of course the stress of figuring out “who you are” –Continue reading “G-YOU’s Pledge: We Will Talk About The Black Dog”

Why Queer Eye is the Programme we all NEED in our Lives

I’ll admit I’m late to the party but after finishing Season 2 of Queer Eye I can safely say it is the most life-affirming programme I’ve watched maybe ever. 5 gay men assisting other men from all walks of life, in all aspects of life from fashion to grooming to interior design to food andContinue reading “Why Queer Eye is the Programme we all NEED in our Lives”

A Tory, SNP and Labour MP walk into the Union: On Brexit

The following is an interview between Danielle Rowley (Labour MP), Douglas Ross (Conservative MP), Stewart McDonald (SNP MP), Owain (Convener of Libraries, Co. Editor-in-Chief) and Bethany (Politics Editor). It was conducted after the Freshers’ Week Show Debate, where each of the politicians were speaking. We have split up the interview into three distinct segments; onContinue reading “A Tory, SNP and Labour MP walk into the Union: On Brexit”

UEFA’s Solution to Dwindling Interest in International Breaks

Dreaded by managers and fans alike, international breaks were becoming questioned more and more as a necessary element of the football season. Not qualification rounds, but rather the mind-numbing friendlies. Mounted on top of this is media analysts’ negative exaggeration of sides such as Scotland losing 4-0 to the World Cup Bronze medallists Belgium –Continue reading “UEFA’s Solution to Dwindling Interest in International Breaks”