Save The Last Dance – The Sports Shows I’ve been Watching in Isolation

Written by: Ewan Galbraith 2020 by all accounts should have been the definitive summer of sport with a schedule filled to the brim with sporting greatness, with Wimbledon and the Tour de France set to be joined by the Euros and the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Alas with the introduction of Social Distancing and theContinue reading “Save The Last Dance – The Sports Shows I’ve been Watching in Isolation”

No-one puts the 80s in the Corner!

There’s no denying that history repeats itself. All you need to do is open a copy of Vogue and see our parents’ fantastic clothes in the photographs they’ve shoved under their bed in embarrassment. Or, you could walk into a fluorescently-lit Murano flat and hear a multitude of students standing on the table projecting “Annie,Continue reading “No-one puts the 80s in the Corner!”

Coming Of Age Films: They Ain’t Half Bad!

  Just like anything primarily aimed at teenagers, films marketed as ‘coming-of-age’ are treated as juvenile, silly, and lacking in depth. Maybe this is because they tend to have young protagonists. However, there’s much more to them than high school hijinks, puppy love, and self-absorbed teens. They are brushed aside as a genre in favourContinue reading “Coming Of Age Films: They Ain’t Half Bad!”

REVIEW: Murder on the Orient Express

A modern remake of a very successful movie from the 1970s (based in its turn on a bestselling and influential novel) usually sounds like a cash grab and, more often than not, a recipe for disaster. However, once in a while, there comes a rare film that subverts all these preconceived notions and becomes aContinue reading “REVIEW: Murder on the Orient Express”

The Hollywood Whitewash

  Since 2015 the big name award shows have been under scrutiny for “whitewashing”, the Oscars have had the most publicised backlash in the past few years regarding the race and the lack of diversity of their nominees. Was their selection pure coincidence or is there something going? In modern times, race is the lastContinue reading “The Hollywood Whitewash”

Hollywood’s Double Standards: True or False?

We all know that sex sells in Hollywood, or at least that is what we are lead to believe. The leading men are idolised for their chiselled abs and sharp jawlines, they are held on a pedestal as modern day silver screen gods. But what happens when they tarnish their reputation. Do they lose outContinue reading “Hollywood’s Double Standards: True or False?”