Erasmust: Ellen Andrew

Ellen Andrew When I applied to study abroad I almost forgot about that fact that I would have to actually physically pack my bags and move to the other side of the world. But here I am, just over a year after I received my nomination from Seoniad at RIO and I am sitting inContinue reading “Erasmust: Ellen Andrew”

Winning a Student Election

As the dregs of the election leaflets gather in the gutter and facebook propaganda lingers awkwardly, it can only mean one thing – post student election blues. However for those whose vigorous campaigning paid off, we ask – how do you win a student election? And who better to ask than our very own freshlyContinue reading “Winning a Student Election”

Healthy is the New Sexy

We’ve all noticed the health obsessed, cleanse crazy hashtags bombarding our Instagram feed, updating us all just how great they feel on a #juicecleanse because after all #youarewhatyoueat. Having recently opened so close to the university, The Juice Garden seems to be quite the hype in this social media frenzy, with big names such asContinue reading “Healthy is the New Sexy”