June Simple-Stupid-Star-Forecast

June Horoscopes: All you gotta know beforehand is that there will be 2 eclipses and 6 planets retrograding. BOOM wham-bam-shang-a-lang. This month the theme is simple-stupid (as my 6th grade teacher, Ms. Lynn used to say) – I will be simple and stupid (and silly too as always [and perhaps grammatically sloppy too]). Aries RhymesContinue reading “June Simple-Stupid-Star-Forecast”

5 Ways to Help Your Mental Health In Lockdown

Written by: Scott Norval With all these posts on social media about gaining a new skill/hobby/talent in lockdown it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed. From all the bread baking, to 5km runs and big zoom seshes, you can feel like you are missing out. Sometimes, when I’m feeling low, even just the simplest things feelContinue reading “5 Ways to Help Your Mental Health In Lockdown”

Coping with anxiety – when nothing is in your control

Written by: Rowan Bland It is not surprising that levels of anxiety are high in the current climate. The world is currently experiencing a global pandemic, and because of this, life has had to change. Currently absolutely everything is out of our control. For students in particular, who are faced with cancelled graduation, online examsContinue reading “Coping with anxiety – when nothing is in your control”

Six free day-trips to go on in Glasgow

Whether you’ve just newly moved to the city, or are a veteran Glaswegian, it’s always fun to be a tourist. So, whatever your experience, here are six day-trip ideas for exploring what Glasgow’s cultural scene has to offer. Plus, they’re all free! Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is one ofContinue reading “Six free day-trips to go on in Glasgow”

Glasgow’s Quirkier Event Scene

We really are spoiled for choice in Glasgow as every month, the city plays host to hundreds of different creative culture events, many of them free and often on the campus doorstep. With that in mind, here is a round-up of some more obscure options to keep an eye out for… Lady Balls Bingo @Continue reading “Glasgow’s Quirkier Event Scene”

Your Complete Guide to the Best Drunk Scran around the West End

As the madness that is Fresher’s Week comes around again for another year, it is easy for fresh-faced first-years to feel overloaded with information about life here at Glasgow. Between all the sports fairs, union events and campus tours running throughout the week, vital knowledge could well be missed. Picture the scene. A young GUSAContinue reading “Your Complete Guide to the Best Drunk Scran around the West End”

A Hungover Student’s Guide to the West End

Whether you’re a fresh-faced fresher or a west-end pro, hangovers don’t discriminate. So, with it being reading week and many of us maybe going out once or twice, here is 6 of the tastiest hangover hangouts the West End has to offer. Café Go-Go Café Go-Go: the hangover hero of the West End. Not onlyContinue reading “A Hungover Student’s Guide to the West End”

Let’s Talk About Tinder

How many couples will have met online this Valentine’s Day? More than ever before is the inevitable answer as the Tinder phenomenon continues to sweep the world. But, is this database of human character condensed into 5 pictures and 10-word bios the place to find an actual partner? In the mid-90s, Match.com began the onlineContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Tinder”