Barrowland Ballet’s Tiger

I am not a regular attendee of ballets. It’s not really my scene- you are far more likely to find me jumping around a sweaty gig in King Tuts or cosied up in the back of the Grosvenor cinema watching the latest movie blockbuster. But the Scottish Mental Health Arts And Film Festival gave meContinue reading “Barrowland Ballet’s Tiger”

Show Some Support!

With the  internet being the main music provider nowadays, it is easy, simple and quick to discover new bands on the go. But how good is it really? Do you keep listening to a band that you have randomly heard after having clicked on a SoundCloud or YouTube link? Even by listening to a full album ofContinue reading “Show Some Support!”

And You Thought Your Christmas Was Odd…

Advent has begun and Christmas is approaching. We can now justify listening to festive songs, although I’ve been doing that since November 1st. I know, shameful! Of course, Christmas is a time of fun, eating, drinking and funny traditions. The things we do around this time can be strange, especially compared to how we conductContinue reading “And You Thought Your Christmas Was Odd…”

Chvrches To Hit DF

Unless you’ve been living under a stone this year, Chvrches is definitely a band that should be on the tip of your musical taste buds. The electro-synthpop trio caused a massive stir online after releasing a couple of YouTube tracks that launched them into major European and American tours. In case you have been outContinue reading “Chvrches To Hit DF”

Music Videos’ Breast Formula

Everyone’s seen them or heard about them… But not everyone likes them. In the last year, there’s been a trend of naked women popping up in music videos, most notably in ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke and Pharrell, ‘Tunnel Vision’ by Justin Timberlake and most recently ‘Bound 2’ by Kanye West featuring a very toplessContinue reading “Music Videos’ Breast Formula”

7 Things I Hate About Christmas

So this year I am ridiculously excited about Christmas. More so than any other year. I’ve constantly got Christmas music on, been eating mince pies since October and my Primani Christmas jumper is a permanent fixture, no matter the temperature outside. I feel as though Christmas this year has been coming for donkeys and nowContinue reading “7 Things I Hate About Christmas”

My Life As A Secret Author

Since I was a little kid, my ambition in life was always to be an author. Whereas other kids wanted to be firemen or train drivers or astronauts, I just wanted to write. I was always losing myself in the fantasy worlds of Tolkien and Rowling and wanted to make one of my own. ThroughContinue reading “My Life As A Secret Author”

Hard Out Here For A Bitch

Everyone is getting pretty hot and bothered at the minute over Lily Allen’s new catchy and controversial single ‘Hard out Here’. The internet and papers alike went into meltdown debating the video’s issues with race, feminism and everything else in between. But I think we have an equally pressing issue at hand – does LilyContinue reading “Hard Out Here For A Bitch”

Bad Romance

Cast your mind back to the dark days of 2010: a world where the words ‘hung parliament’ and ‘Cheryl Cole’ were still in regular usage. As a 16-year-old gay lad stranded in provincial England, and as yet uninitiated into the pleasures of alcohol or human contact, there was really only one thing that was goingContinue reading “Bad Romance”