Ten-day Tenure: The Story of Antony Scaramucci

Picture From the Washington Examiner Anthony Scaramucci (The Mooch) recently made headlines after being appointed as the white house communications director on the 21st of July, only to be pushed, or jump from the position ten days later. A loaf of bread lasts me longer than his tenure. Officially he is “Stepping down so theContinue reading “Ten-day Tenure: The Story of Antony Scaramucci”

The ‘V’ Word

Despite Glasgow being hailed the Vegan Capital of the UK, there is still huge stigma surrounding plant–based diets, with vegans being stereotyped as ‘hippies’ or anti-capitalist layabouts. The mere mention of the word ‘vegan’ can initiate a heated debate in seconds. Most commonly, the phrase “I could never cut out [insert meat/dairy product]!” is exclaimedContinue reading “The ‘V’ Word”