GUCFS – After Dark 2015

Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show (GUCFS) have been super busy over the past few months preparing for their big event, After Dark. We caught up with creative director, Fern Logue, and head of men’s fashion, Matthew Dawson, at an outdoor shoot earlier this year to find out what we can expect from the most highlyContinue reading “GUCFS – After Dark 2015”

Album Review: Separations, Pulp

Romain Ricchi I was recently pointed toward the ’90s band Pulp by my favourite music seller. ‘Separations, released in 1992, is a succession of melodramatic songs about love coming to an end. This album shows a rather fast tempo teamed up with a dark atmosphere. I don’t mind when albums have random lyrics but whenContinue reading “Album Review: Separations, Pulp”

Electionwatch 2015

Huw Clarke It’s less than five months until the general election and the result is close to impossible to call. Opinion polls are in constant flux and there is a strong likelihood that no party will be able to achieve a majority. This is all symptomatic of the severe problems pushing the British political systemContinue reading “Electionwatch 2015”

ERASMUST – Kate Whitaker

It’s the start of a new year and my second semester at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Things are very different from when I was starting my year abroad back in September. I have a flat, friends, a bank, a working phone contract. I know how to register for courses, where the best library is,Continue reading “ERASMUST – Kate Whitaker”