The Importance of the “Beautiful Game” in 2018

It’s that time again; the work sweepstakes, the Coca Cola adverts and the sticker books are back. The 2018 FIFA World Cup begins in only a matter of days and I can guarantee that reading that statement brings about one of three reactions. 1) Excitement. You’ve waited for this for the last four years, your … More The Importance of the “Beautiful Game” in 2018

Crash Course Theatre: Top Girls, by Caryl Churchill

Those of you who’ve read my previous pieces on Crash Course Theatre will know that they are a Glasgow based Theatre company focusing on collaborative creation of plays and that their previous play, Closer, was a resounding success. This time, they have taken on Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls, a famously feminist work about the career-driven … More Crash Course Theatre: Top Girls, by Caryl Churchill

You Need The D

With summer just around the corner, not that you can tell in Scotland, it is important to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks that the sun may bring. It is now common knowledge that the sun’s ultraviolet light is a prerequisite for skin cancer and premature ageing and the importance of wearing sun cream. … More You Need The D

A Boozy History

Booze, a staple of the university experience and a pillar of the GUU – rumoured to be the union with most bars per floor in the country. But what is it? How old is it? And why did I agree to write this at 9pm on a Wednesday in beer bar? All good questions, and … More A Boozy History