How To Survive Exam Season

Name one person who enjoys exams. Just one. Stuck? That’s what I thought. Exams have to be, without a doubt, the absolute worst time of the year. Forget the annual trip to your great aunt Doreen’s for broccoli soup, the day when you find out you’ve lost your flat’s security deposit, or the entire monthContinue reading “How To Survive Exam Season”

Review: Caustic Love – A New Paolo?

Paolo Nutini is a Glaswegian, through and through. Not sure you could say that about his new, modern-soul inspired record though. ‘Caustic Love’ is a blistering 13 track (11 songs, 2 interludes) album which has surprised and delighted many, nabbing him the fastest selling album of 2014 with over 109,000 copies sold in the firstContinue reading “Review: Caustic Love – A New Paolo?”

What’s going on in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian crisis has been everywhere in recent months; newspapers, social media, TV, but the real ins and outs of it are muddled and unclear. We know that Putin is putting pressure on Yanukovych, so far successfully, and that we in the EU don’t really know what to do. A look at history and itsContinue reading “What’s going on in Ukraine?”

Meanwhile in Canada…

I opted to spend my third year abroad at the University of Calgary, a place best known for its appearance in the Disney movie ‘Cool Runnings’, and for having a temperature average of -25. Well this week, that turned out to be completely accurate when it reached a record low of -43. With just overContinue reading “Meanwhile in Canada…”