Steptoe’s Yard: cheaper than IKEA?!

It’s that time of year again when many students will be moving into new flats or preparing to move into halls. An experience that would not be complete without a mandatory trip to IKEA – a trip I have made at the start of every academic year since being at university for those affordable finishingContinue reading “Steptoe’s Yard: cheaper than IKEA?!”

A Word on Debating at Glasgow and The EUDC

A little less than two years ago, I began to attend speaker’s training at the Glasgow University Union. At the beginning of my university career, I was yet to shed that shyness that had picked at my confidence since before my teenage years. On the face of it, debating seemed a strange choice for someoneContinue reading “A Word on Debating at Glasgow and The EUDC”

Central America: The Perfect Escape Route

The anticipation of travel is like nothing else. Once the flights are booked, it’s months of waiting, scrolling the hashtags of the places you’re going, reading endless blogs and watching self-proclaimed travel vloggers on YouTube. Like most other instances in life, social media shows an ever so slightly rose-tinted view of travelling the world. So,Continue reading “Central America: The Perfect Escape Route”

Against the Trump Protest

To see the other side of the article “For the Trump Protest” click here. Protest are a key tool in the democratic system when wielded right. They can put pressure on leaders to pursue legislative change, or to address injustice. Trump is a self-serving, vindictive, narcissistic, racist, but these protests were misplaced. What was theContinue reading “Against the Trump Protest”

For the Trump Protest

To see the other side of the article “Against the Trump Protest” click here. Protests are a space of commutative political and social action; a collective appeal to fight perceived injustices and societal frustrations; a call to those in power to be listened to and considered in national and wider global decisions and policy. PublicContinue reading “For the Trump Protest”

Dear NHS, Happy Belated 70th!

The NHS is turned 70 on the 5th July 2018 and its time to give credit where credit is due. The NHS in England alone treats more than 1.4 million patients every 24 hours and it is the UK’s largest employer with over 1.5 million staff ranging from midwives, nurses, doctors, porters and researchers fromContinue reading “Dear NHS, Happy Belated 70th!”