G-YOU’s Pledge: We Will Talk About The Black Dog

Being a student is no mean feat. The pressures we feel pushing on us from the outside are great, be they looming deadlines, the pressures to socialise, wondering “what comes next”, dealing with student loans that barely cover rent never-mind cost of living, and of course the stress of figuring out “who you are” –Continue reading “G-YOU’s Pledge: We Will Talk About The Black Dog”

Commemorating a Fallen Generation: The Words of WW1 Premier

On Monday the 20th of August, gathered in the University Chapel, The Words of WW1 team premiered their ten short films that commemorate the centenary of The Great War. They did this by taking poetry from both sides of the Western Front, some which are seldom heard nowadays, but never the less convey powerful storiesContinue reading “Commemorating a Fallen Generation: The Words of WW1 Premier”

Crash Course Theatre: Top Girls, by Caryl Churchill

Those of you who’ve read my previous pieces on Crash Course Theatre will know that they are a Glasgow based Theatre company focusing on collaborative creation of plays and that their previous play, Closer, was a resounding success. This time, they have taken on Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls, a famously feminist work about the career-drivenContinue reading “Crash Course Theatre: Top Girls, by Caryl Churchill”

REVIEW: Murder on the Orient Express

A modern remake of a very successful movie from the 1970s (based in its turn on a bestselling and influential novel) usually sounds like a cash grab and, more often than not, a recipe for disaster. However, once in a while, there comes a rare film that subverts all these preconceived notions and becomes aContinue reading “REVIEW: Murder on the Orient Express”

My Life As A Secret Author

Since I was a little kid, my ambition in life was always to be an author. Whereas other kids wanted to be firemen or train drivers or astronauts, I just wanted to write. I was always losing myself in the fantasy worlds of Tolkien and Rowling and wanted to make one of my own. ThroughContinue reading “My Life As A Secret Author”