My Choice, My Cause.

Written by: Kate Collins  The Head of Students for Choice’s ‘The Good Cause Project’ discusses the University of Glasgow’s FAQ discrepancies.  **Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, miscarriage and abortion.  It is upsetting that this article had to be written, but disturbingly necessary. The good cause policy, by definition, exists to make ‘appropriate allowances for unforeseen orContinue reading “My Choice, My Cause.”

Trips to the Past: Paris, Alice

During lockdown, with the prospect of travel seeming further away than ever before, a lot of us will be feeling an extra strong sense of wanderlust and nostalgia for our past trips and adventures. G You is happy to present a series of travel writings reminiscing on our community’s favourite and most meaningful trips toContinue reading “Trips to the Past: Paris, Alice”

Laughter is the Best Medicine.

Written by: Amy McKenzie Smith There is literally nothing better than full-on laughing with someone. When you both continue to add things that make the heart of the joke even funnier, reaching a point where you can both barely breathe. It’s hard to pin down exactly why laughing until it hurts but feels so goodContinue reading “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”

June Simple-Stupid-Star-Forecast

June Horoscopes: All you gotta know beforehand is that there will be 2 eclipses and 6 planets retrograding. BOOM wham-bam-shang-a-lang. This month the theme is simple-stupid (as my 6th grade teacher, Ms. Lynn used to say) – I will be simple and stupid (and silly too as always [and perhaps grammatically sloppy too]). Aries RhymesContinue reading “June Simple-Stupid-Star-Forecast”

Black Lives Matter: Listen, Educate and Amplify.

Disclaimer: Although the official magazine of the Glasgow University Union, the views expressed are that of the author and not of the Union. The G-You Magazine will always use our platform to advocate for justice and equality. We stand with the University of Glasgow in condemning all forms of racism and discrimination. The team hasContinue reading “Black Lives Matter: Listen, Educate and Amplify.”

5 Ways to Help Your Mental Health In Lockdown

Written by: Scott Norval With all these posts on social media about gaining a new skill/hobby/talent in lockdown it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed. From all the bread baking, to 5km runs and big zoom seshes, you can feel like you are missing out. Sometimes, when I’m feeling low, even just the simplest things feelContinue reading “5 Ways to Help Your Mental Health In Lockdown”

Who’s down for some Lockdown Bingo?

Written by: Catherine Bouchard As lockdown begins to lift across the globe, people are starting to emerge from their homes and into the outside world for the first time in weeks. Soon, lockdown will hopefully be a distant memory and a story to pass on to future generations. But before our lockdown lifts in theContinue reading “Who’s down for some Lockdown Bingo?”

Limits of Humanity: Are We Alone?

Written by: Fuad Kehinde, Science Editor Are we alone in the universe? A question that has been asked for centuries, and yet, we don’t seem in any way close to answering. Looking out into the beyond of space and searching for beings like us seems to be a unifying human experience. Throughout the centuries (mostContinue reading “Limits of Humanity: Are We Alone?”