Six Alternative Study Spaces around Glasgow’s West End

With exam season looming and the library getting increasingly packed – here are some alternative study spaces for those days when you don’t want to be up by 8am to scrounge some carpet space on level 6.


Hillhead Library

Hillhead2.jpgHillhead Library is a really accessible and chilled out study space. It has free WiFi, free computer access, and is just across the road from Byres Road Waitrose for those essential study snacks.

Mitchell Library



GCL_location_image_1-1.jpgIf you’re seeking a slightly more boujee study space, the Mitchell Library is for you. It’s absolutely massive, alleviating the danger of not getting a seat and the décor inside is delightful. It’s around a 10-minute walk from campus – which can actually be beneficial for clearing the head before you put pen to paper.



offshore-lst168810-1.jpgWith cake, coffee and loads of cute puppies, Offshore is a bit more easy-going than the other study spaces on the list. Not great if you’re easily distracted but if the pressure of the library really gets to you, then Offshore is the place to be.




Reading Room


media_334624_en-2.jpgAn often overlooked space on campus, the reading room is slightly less prison-like than the library. It has plenty of computers, plenty of vending machines, and is open until 9pm throughout the week.

Boyd Orr



Boyd-Orr-Building-Wide-1.pngMore than just a pretty face, Boyd Orr actually has loads of really great (and quiet) computer labs. It also has vending machines and a wee café down the stairs for all your snacking needs.





The GUU has two libraries, The Bridie and the Elliot, which are excellent, light and airy study spaces. It also has the drawing room downstairs for a more social vibe, and the union kitchen for cheap food and coffee.  

Happy studying!


– Lucy Donaldson, Lifestyle Editor

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