Hell Hath No Fury!

  Whenever I think of hellfire, I think of the classic song from Disney’s dark, but powerful musical “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. However, this isn’t the same thought that comes to mind when the Pope thinks of the concept, in fact it seems he thinks of nothingness when he envisions hellfire… Last Thursday, Pope … More Hell Hath No Fury!

GU Yoga Club- Find Your Nirvana This Exam Period

Yoga is a sport that not only supports the physical wellbeing of its participants, but also has many mental benefits. Due to this, my initial experiences with yoga saw me fall in love with the sport and question why it is not a mainstay feature in the lives of students at Glasgow. The passionate newly formed … More GU Yoga Club- Find Your Nirvana This Exam Period

[YOUR TEXT HERE]: A Fresh New Art Exhibition!

The Glasgow University Art Appreciation Society (GUAAS) brings together group of arts enthusiasts who organise weekly events in the hope of exploring different aspects of Glasgow culture. Through the society, they aim to bring people with similar interest together and help them discover new venues and lesser known cultural events in the city. This year, … More [YOUR TEXT HERE]: A Fresh New Art Exhibition!

Coming Of Age Films: They Ain’t Half Bad!

  Just like anything primarily aimed at teenagers, films marketed as ‘coming-of-age’ are treated as juvenile, silly, and lacking in depth. Maybe this is because they tend to have young protagonists. However, there’s much more to them than high school hijinks, puppy love, and self-absorbed teens. They are brushed aside as a genre in favour … More Coming Of Age Films: They Ain’t Half Bad!

Fearing Femininity

As I come up to the end of my degree, and ideas are swarming around my head as to what I would like to do for the future, I cannot help but feel this under-tow of pervasive worry that when entering the workplace, I will be entering a pre-coded masculine environment. First off, to be … More Fearing Femininity