Scroll and…Miss?

As any young person will know, most days do not start with a morning jog or a carefully prepared breakfast. While these activities may sometimes happen, they are by no means as regular as the essential morning social media check. And it makes sense. Waking up in time for your 10am and rewarding yourself with … More Scroll and…Miss?

Go with the FRow

Annabeth Wilson Everyone gets asked the big question at some point- what’s the dream? Whilst for many of us, putting a label on your dream may seem impossible and probably terrifying, some have achieved  such things. Some, like Glasgow School of Art student Jane Maguire, who didn’t only label her dream, but labelled it with … More Go with the FRow

GUCFS in Pictures

GUCFS 2015 was an incredible success. Glasgow Uni’s Hunter Halls were bursting at the seams with students and models alike, and the afterparty was ON A BOAT no less, prompting reams of students to burst out The Lonely Islands hallowed lyrics. I couldn’t help it either. Check out our photos from the show, capturing the … More GUCFS in Pictures