Written by: Amy McKenzie Smith

  • When you get a good seat in the library with a window view on your favourite floor 
  • When a really boring lecture ends and you get to leave
  • Spontaneous pints in the middle of the day
  • Going to the cinema and smuggling your own snacks in 
  • Queuing for half an hour to get a Paesano (worth it)
  • On that note: Number 5 pizza at Paesano 
  • Subcrawls
  • Returning your library books on time and being proud of it 
  • Tinnies in Kelvingrove Park
  • Bumping into someone you know in Byers Road Tesco
  • Those shops in the West End that are 24 hours where you can go and buy late night snacks and cheap sweets in a paper bag
  • The aesthetics of the main building/cloisters
  • Getting in from the rain and making a cup of tea
  • Beer gardens
  • Packing yourself a really good packed lunch for a day of uni and looking forward to eating it all day
  • Getting friends’ life updates, news and gossip
  • Doing your make-up and being really happy with it 
  • McFlurrys (the oreo one) 
  • 727 chips and cheese 
  • Waking up the morning after a night out, calling the group chat and discussing the scandalous events of the evening 
  • Wholesome dinner parties
  • Pints of fun (shout out to watermelon flavour – no hate please)
  • Looking for a book in the library and successfully finding it 
  • The butter chicken pizza from Bank Street (it’s half pizza, half curry and is UNREAL)
  • Sleepovers
  • Taking a full hour study break in the level 3 library café you absolutely did not deserve
  • Walking home after a night out
  • Making new friends in the club toilet
  • Successfully scrapping through a seminar when you’ve not done the reading for it 
  • Pres
  • Taking your makeup off after a night out
  • Going for an ice cream and watching the sun go down 
  • That outside bit at Vodka Wodka 
  • Jolly Ranchers at Vodka Wodka 
  • Getting really dressed up for a black-tie event 
  • Union kitchen chicken burgers
  • Watching all the dogs outside whilst having a pint at Inn Deep
  • Waking up and you go into your flat kitchen and you’ve done all the dishes
  • Browsing in a book shop
  • Relaxing after a long day of work and knowing you’ve earned it
  • Evening walks
  • Checking your bank balance the morning after Hive (Regretting it? It was worth it???) 
  • Library cookies
  • £1 library hot chocolate
  • When you put a song on a jukebox and it gets played 
  • Buying a new outfit and getting really excited to wear it
  • Samosas from Rajous
  • Submitting uni work or meeting deadlines and then being able to actually go out and celebrate properly 
  • Going for brunch or coffee with friends
  • Going on a train, going on a bus, literally anything to do with travelling
  • When everything on your social media and news is not about the pandemic
  • Ceilidhs 
  • Bake sales
  • Watching the rugby with a pint 
  • Seeing a squirrel in botanic gardens
  • Base Bar karaoke
  • Concerts
  • Theatre 
  • Going to see the animals at Kelvingrove Art Gallery on an afternoon
  • Themed dress-up flat parties
  • Day tripping 
  • Drinking games
  • Going on the subway (the train)
  • Going to Subway (for a sandwich)
  • Wearing a dress or a skirt
  • When a charity society is doing a glitter stall in Hive and you get your face all sparkly
  • Making friends and chatting in the smoking area 
  • Greggs empire biscuits
  • Greggs sausage rolls
  • Small talk with Uber drivers
  • When you cook a meal for someone and it’s good
  • When someone cooks a meal for you
  • Charity shops 
  • A relaxing game of pool or snooker at the end of the day
  • Asking for your katsu curry at Bank Street to come with curly fries instead of rice
  • Lying on the big green sofas around the Union
  • Being able to sit on a bench outside
  • Looking at cheap flights on Skyscanner and actually booking some
  • Reading a book in a park
  • Eating toast while walking to uni when you’re running late 
  • When you’re leaving a class with someone and they’re walking in the same direction as you
  • Hugs when hungover
  • Hugs with someone you haven’t seen in ages
  • Hugs with someone you only saw yesterday 
  • Having a reason to wear jeans 
  • Appreciating lazy days and being indoors
  • Tesco meal deals 
  • Literally everything about Beer Bar
  • Lying on grass
  • Celebrating a friend’s birthday properly – wearing a party hat, sharing a birthday cake, giving a present
  • Going out for a meal!!!!! Literally anywhere!!!!!
  • All the little tiny characteristics and mannerisms of your friends

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