GUCFS – Standing Up for Women’s Aid

Glitz, glamour and blue steel, all for a good cause

This year is the Glasgow University Charity Fashion Show’s 6th production year; the preparations so far are spelling out a mind-blowing experience, and a heart-warming endeavour. I was lucky enough to attend a presentation on their charity this year Women’s Aid and get some info on the show itself from president Beth OShea.

This year’s theme ‘In Bloom’ is centred around the unorthodox and unique, their theme announcement described it as: ‘Inspired by the people our chosen charity is dedicated to, our theme this year aims to embody strength in the face of adversity. ‘In Bloom’ will celebrate the innate beauty found in the non-conventional, underrepresented, and marginalised.’ Clearly the fashion show and its charity have never been closer artistically; it sparks great curiosity for the kind of models and designs they’ll be debuting. All signs seem to point to diversity and non-conformity being headline features for both. Of over 100 models who have applied only 25 were selected so the quality and the reputation of the show seem to be higher than ever.

‘‘In Bloom’ hopes to be empowering while still remaining artistically innovative, using muted colour palettes and stripped back shoot locations to allow a focus on identity and what it means to be strong in today’s social and political climate.’

The show not only promises to be an artistic spectacle, the money its set to raise is ground-breaking. The 5th show raised over £34,000 and with sponsors for this years event like BOHO and Bloom there’s every change it could top it, meaning GUCFS retains its title as Glasgow’s biggest student charity event. With financial difficulties in the past however, Beth OShea was crystal clear that ‘transparency is extremely important this year’ so we’ll all be kept aware of the costs and profits for the 6th GUCFS.

GUCFS use designs exclusively by graduate designers around the UK so the outfits on display couldn’t be more daring and new. It’s not just the glamorous models and exciting designs your ticket pays for, it’s the palpable energy of the night, the sophistication and the decadence.

The 6th GUCFS will be held on the 21st and 22nd of February at SWG3 with many ticket extras including VIP passes and after party tickets. Find out more at the GUCFS Facebook page and website.

Glasgow Women’s Aid

Glasgow Women’s Aid has been helping victims of domestic abuse for over 35 years, including children and young people. They provide support, advice and refuge to those facing physical and psychological abuse from partners or ex-partners in Glasgow.

Here are some facts that illustrate why Women’s Aid’s work is so necessary: two women per week a murdered by a partner or ex partner, women living with abuse are five times more likely to suffer from depression, one out of four women will experience domestic abuse in their lives, women are assaulted 35 times on average before they go to the police, some estimates put domestic abuse at 21% of all recorded crime.

It’s not just ourselves that are at risk, it’s our mothers, our sisters and our friends at risk of being abused and we’d want a safe place for them to go. It’s not always physical violence, often it’s mental abuse, months even years of control, derision and manipulation, harder to spot and even harder for authorities to act on.

But by raising tens of thousands of pounds GUCFS, using your donations and tickets sales, can make a huge difference to women’s lives, giving them the support they need before they can take back control of their lives.

GUCFS IN BLOOM will take place over 2 days on the 21st and 22nd of February. Links below to their Facebook and website

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