Student Artist Spotlight: Adriana Iuliano


What course do you study and what year are you in?

I’m a third-year Chemistry student.

 What does your work aim to say?

My photos are an example of everyday life here in Glasgow. My aim was to take candid pictures of passers-by on the streets of Glasgow during an ordinary day of September. By looking at the photos, I like to imagine those people’s lives and wonder what they were going to do on that day. Although I also think that everyone can see a different emotion or get a different impression of the faces and actions that I was lucky to frame.

Why did you choose this aim?

I think sometimes it’s nice to stop to look around for a second. We are all (too) invested in our own lives and often forget to notice what’s happening to others. I believe street photography can help in that sense and can make us look at situations from a different perspective. It can make us identify with someone we don’t even know. Plus, the inspiration for more photos is everywhere and catching the right moment is challenging and exciting for a photographer.Man

Who/what are your biggest influences?

Brandon Stanton, the man behind Humans of New York, is probably one of the street photographers and photojournalists I admire the most. I love how he’s just able to share everything from people’s personal life stories to little details in their clothes without using sophisticated edits or poses, and still convey a strong message. He started his project with a basic knowledge of photography and a big ambition to portray New Yorkers, and he has now travelled to so many countries and told lots of important stories. He kept the focus of his art on people and even raised money for some of them. Most of all, he makes approaching people and talking to them look easy when it’s not, really. That’s something I’d love to be able to do one day.

 What made you choose these pieces for this exhibition?

The three photos I picked, together with the GUAAS committee, are part of a larger series of 16 pictures. I chose the ones that I was most satisfied with, in terms of symmetries, light and editing, but that, at the same time, had framed a unique moment or feeling, in my opinion at least. Actually, I asked for some friends’ advice too, since I wanted it to be a relatable experience, more than just a technical display. They all ended up picking different ones for different reasons though, which is funny and probably says a lot about street photography.

What was your artistic process of creating these pieces?

I took the pictures in September 2017, just after the summer break. I had just come back to Glasgow with my new DSLR and really wanted to try it out as I had only done some street photography with my phone before then. I just spent that morning strolling around, the good light and the people did the rest. I had very low expectations for the result because I knew people could be annoyed at me for taking pictures (a DLSR is not particularly quiet) and I was also still experimenting with my editing in Lightroom, but in the end, I was very happy with the final 16 photos.

 Are you on any social media that people could follow up on?

I mainly use Instagram for my mobile photography and I try to keep my Flickr account updated with my DLSR photos (I’m “adri_iu” on both), although I post most of them on my Facebook profile too. By the way, some street photography I did in Edinburgh is coming up soon!


-Questions: David Nkansah

-Art and Words: Adriana Iuliano

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