[YOUR TEXT HERE]: A Fresh New Art Exhibition!

GUASS LogoThe Glasgow University Art Appreciation Society (GUAAS) brings together group of arts enthusiasts who organise weekly events in the hope of exploring different aspects of Glasgow culture. Through the society, they aim to bring people with similar interest together and help them discover new venues and lesser known cultural events in the city.

This year, they have been on a new mission, to support and promote the student artists at Glasgow University and by using student publications, such a G-You, they aim to encourage and publicise student artwork and advertise exhibitions of artwork, such as the upcoming. Despite the best efforts of many student initiatives in Glasgow, opportunities for students to expose fine art have generally been lacking and creativity not only needs an outlet, but a platform as well, and that is what GUAAS has decided to provide this year, in the form a pop-up exhibition.

The exhibition is going to be diverse, with a vast range of mediums, sizes, and genres for the artwork, meaning the works seemingly have no common ground. Likewise, the artists represented in this exhibition come from many different countries and study a wide range of courses. Some have been creating art from a very early age, others started recently. They have different visions and different voices, but what binds them is that they all have something to say. This dynamic diversity of backgrounds, experience and styles is what makes student art so exciting and unique.

Within the melting pot that is university, these students are all exploring their talents and interests, outside as well as within the academic field, and becoming the future innovators, leaders and creators. Art, in any form, is an opportunity to express personality and perceptions of the world and for people to bring their thoughts, feelings and observations of the world to life. You’ve heard it before, but Glasgow University is made up of World Changers, and who’s to say one of these artists isn’t the next!

The GUAAS exhibition will be held at The Project Café in the city centre and the artworks will be on display from the 22nd to the 24th of March, with a festive launch on the evening of the 23rd. The society has been given free range to adapt the café and the displays to give visitors the best visual experience and to find a way to exhibition a variety of artwork. Rather than a subject-, style-, or genre-based display, they have chosen an approach that reflects the many ways in which these different voices blend and amplify each other to tell a visual story. Visiting this exhibition is a unique opportunity not to be missed.

As students, artists and curators, we have the power to start conversations and bring art and people together. As an audience, we have the power to listen and to spread a message.

If people make Glasgow, then these students make Glasgow University.


-Hester, GUAAS PR

(Adapted by) -Lottie van Grieken

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