Film Review: Focus

Ally Clarkfocus pic

Starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie in lead roles, Focus is a crime comedy that see them play two con-artists. Will Smith plays Nicky, a smooth and seasoned pro in his line of work. After a failed attempt by Jess (Robbie) to hustle Nicky, he soon takes her under his wing and begins to help her hone the natural talent and uncanny knack for thievery he has seen her possess. 

The pair have electric chemistry and so quickly become romantically involved. Just as things are becoming seemingly too good to be true, both personally and professionally, the couple split and do not meet again until 3 years later.

From this point in the film, we are unsure whether one of the leads is trying to double cross the other or whether they are still on the same sideand are working together to con the same target. This makes for entertaining and interesting viewing, keeping the audience on their toes and attentive.

The film is not without flaw however. Some of the (relatively infrequent) crass humour is too much at times and a few events that take place seem a little bit convenient, even for a film such as this.

Overall though, the film was a very enjoyable watch. Margot Robbie played her role perfectly as a suitably vulnerable yet highly capable con-woman, and Will Smith proved that his charisma and screen presence never really went away, despite Jadens best attempts to vanquish them (see: After Earth. But dont actually see it). Backed up by beautiful use of colours by directors John Sequa and Glenn Ficarra (the two minds behind the excellent Crazy, Stupid, Love.) and a superb 70s soundtrack, Focusis well worth the price of admission.

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